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Manly Palmer Hall (1901-1990)

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The # 1 form of mind control is information control.
If you can limit the information someone has at-hand to make any decision, 
you can accurately predict, and profit from their decisions.

The 19th Century saw a mini-Renaissance.  The Reign of Terror helped bring much occulted information to light with the availability of private libraries of the beheaded.  Champollion's cracking to the Rosetta Stone began to open up the writings of ancient Egypt, Constantin von Tischendorff's procuring the Codex Sinaticus (possibly one of the 300 ordered made by Constantine at the Council of Nicea), a century of Freemasonry being public as well as Albert Mackey's dedicated pen for the lodge and Albert Pike's reworking the degrees into the modern system of the Scottish Rite and his Morals and Dogma, the industrial revolution was advancing exponentially every decade, the cotton gin would have naturally replaced slavery in the US and might have possibly resulted in retaining the slaves for another decade after being replaced by the cotton gin to educate them and then release them with an education and some money. the steamship was revolutionizing the seas and paddlewheel boats the rivers, the opium clipper was the fastest sailing vessel of her day and could make a couple more runs from India to China a year than other ships, the codifying, structuring and advancing of so many sciences, Madame Blatvatsky's The Secret Doctrine, and Augustus le Plongeon: grand heretic of all amateur archaeologists ... this mini-Renaissance culminated in the publication of the 9th Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

However, this trend of information was challenged from the beginning.  It was by 1830 that John Nelson Darby decided to count the years of every Biblical character to arrive at the October 4, 4004 BCE as the 1st Day of Creation.  Darby's "dispensationalism" created the very notion of a 'rapture' and inserted it into Christianity.  Basically, Darby rewrote much of the non-Catholic doctrine of today and before the 19th Century came to a close, the Scofield Reference Bible was printed furthering the agenda of dispensationalism.  These were a major effort taken to counter the mini-Renaissance of the 19th Century defending Christianity from non-biased archaeologists in the Middle East that were demonstrating that there really was no evidence in the archaeological record to defend the historical accuracy of the Bible.  Of course, these finds were countered by clearly biased digs that were determined to piece any pottery shard they found as evidence of the historicity of the Bible.  If it were not for Darby and Scofield, and the influence both had in American seminaries, especially after the Scofield Bible was published, both Judaism and Christianity, and Islam by extension, would have gone the way of Zeus and Jupiter before the turning of the 20th Century.

An unspoken motivation for any war is for the confiscation and control of information.  I do not believe the Zecharia Sitchin conspiracy theory, yet I am well aware that many cuneiform tablets were stolen during the looting of the Bagdad Museum.  This represents exactly what I am saying about information control being the best form of mind control, and what happened to the Bagdad Museum was not unique in wartime.  World War One was still fighting when an orphan moved from Canada to his grandmother's Southern California home as a young teen.  (I may have some precise details in slight error.)  Somehow, Max Heindel, who had founded the Rosicrucian Fellowship 'adopted' a teenage Manly Hall and guided his studies in the Rosicrucian Fellowship library.  The ceasing of open fighting was known to only be temporary because the Treaty of Versailles was only going to lead to another war, especially with the success of the Bolshevik Revolution.  As a counter to the degrees of information control being exerted around the world, a young Manly P Hall began a long career of preserving information to posterity.  His first several books were more of booklets compared with his self-published monumental tome in 1928, and they seem to alternate which topic he was going to be alluding to via metaphor except for a sentence of two in each book that would be explicit instead of allegorical.  These two topics were only hinted at in his 1928 tome, today sold as a paperback by Tarchner as The Secret Teachings of the Ages, although they would be more openly addressed in his 1932 book Man: Grand Symbol of the Mysteries.

If you have never read Hall's magnum opus, it should become a priority on your reading list.  He spent about three years researching and writing, which also included international travels, and his "Ancient Philosophies" was so many of the notes excluded from his tome.  Mr Hall self-published this work of art in 1928 for $100 each.  There were 550 Subscription Editions pre-sold, and then there were 4 other editions of the original work.  Among the purchasers in the subscriber's listing was the Vatican Library and the Ashmolean Library at Oxford, although most subscribers were individuals.  One of the aspects of this tome that the paperback or online reader will not get in those versions are the color plates preceding each chapter.  Most of these were paintings commissioned by Mr Hall of the 32º Scottish Rite Freemason, J Augustus Knapp, where Mr Hall writes a paragraph explaining the symbolism.  The paperback has a few of these, but they have been so reduced to rob them of their beauty.  The original printings in 1928 were something like 19.5 inches long by 13.5 inch wide pages, with the total volume being about two inches thick.  The Subscription Edition I have seen had two loose plates at the end commissioned by Mr Hall of an artist of the name Mihran K. Seraillian.  These plates were copyrighted 1926 and address the alternating messages of Manly Hall's earliest books like The Initiates of the Flame and The Hermetic Marriage.

Of great serious import is to comprehend Manly Hall's life's timeline.  He self-published An Encyclopedic Outline of Hermetic, Masonic, Quabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolic Philosophy in 1928, when he was 27 years old (assuming it was published after his birthday).  At the time of publication, this epic tome was not composed by an 'insider'.  It is true that Mr Hall eventually entered a Blue Lodge of Freemasonry, but that was around 1954, a good quarter of a century writing "The Secret Teachings of the Ages".  It is also true that the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which there are no records at the Philosophical Research Society of Mr Hall taking on 4-32º of the Scottish Rite, came to the PRS around 1971, when Mr Hall was around or in his 70s, and conferred upon him the honorary 33º.  Therefore, if you ever see some conspiracy theorist claiming "33º Freemason, Manly P Hall states in his Secret Teachings of the Ages ... " then feel free to counter their claims with an accurate timeline of his life.  He wrote Lost Keys of Freemasonry and had it published in 1923, almost 50 years before he was awarded the honorary 33º, and about 30 years before he would take on the degrees of the Blue Lodges in his 50s.  Although not the only one playing the same part, Manly P Hall was one of the most important men of the 20th Century by being such a prolific writer and lecturer in a time when information had to be preserved to posterity.  There is a world of difference between quality and quantity of information before WW1 and after WW2.  There appears to have been a rather global effort in the preserving information to posterity between the wars.  This is great, so long as you can find editions published between the wars because the printing plates were all melted for the war effort.  Manly P Hall's books were an important part of what information had to be preserved to posterity.  In my estimation his 1932 book Man: Grand Symbol of the Mysteries was the book he had spent 10 years preparing his audience.

One thing the late conspiraciologist, William Cooper, said that I would agree 100% is to read everything by Manly P Hall you can.  I consider myself fortunate to have spent some time in his library that he used to create the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles.  Below, you will find some  links to my Google Drive where you can access my notes from several of his books.  Many of his lectures were recorded and you can find many hours of Mr Hall lecturing on youtube if you search his name.  Manly Hall appears to have been sanctioned by some esoteric order to prolifically write to preserve information for posterity before the next world war was to radically suppress and control information that would be required for the masses to liberate themselves from the crony plutocracy's full-spectrum information control.

There is a full chapter from the above book online: "The Ventricles and the Brain Dew", you can also find an article from Gary Osborn here: "The Gate of God".  For those of you that prefer my own words, you will find me addressing the topic in Chapter 11 of "My First 100 Days".

To get my take on the "Secret Destiny" of the United States, please see Chapter 13 of "My First 100 Days".

If I could ever have an ideal dinner party, Manly Palmer Hall, is one that I would have at that dinner party.  Timothy Leary is another, and that will be my next page I build.
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