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If you don't question everything, you will know nothing and believe anything!

Notes from Libraries

If you come by this page while it is still in process, my apologies.  By the time I'm ready to share, this will be deleted and there will be some madness to my methods.  I will probably index each library and link to my Drive Files for my notes, but first step, first.

The Lilly Library
Rare Books and Manuscripts
Indiana University, Bloomington

"The Egyptian Book of the Dead"
(Faulkner translation)

"Encyclopedia of Freemasonry"
(Albert Mackey)

(Which can be read online at Mackey's Masonic Encyclopedia)

Iamblicus: "On the Mysteries"
(Thomas Taylor translation)

"Proofs of a Conspiracy"
(John Robison)

(Can be found in full here for download: "Proofs of a Conspiracy"

"The Alphabet: a Key to the History of Mankind"
(David Diriger)

Oxford Biblical and Reformation References

As well as the individual pages for Timothy Leary and Manly P Hall.

Other Volumes Consulted in the IU Library System

Catholic Encyclopedias

{The pre-WW1 edition can be found here: The Catholic Encyclopedia (from about 1906 to about 1914)}

"In Search of Enemies"
(John Stockwell)

(Can be found online here: "In Search of Enemies"

"Iron Curtain Over America"
(John Beaty)

(Which can be found here: "Iron Curtain Over America"

New Catholic Encyclopedia (1967 and 2002)

"The Holocaust Industry"
(Norman Finkelstein)

(You can download your preferred file style here: "The Holocaust Industry")

The Jewish Encyclopedia

{Which resides in cyberspace at The Jewish Encyclopedia (1904-1906)}

The Christian Theological Seminary
Indianapolis, Indiana

"The Cult of the Heavenly Twins"
(Harris J Rendel)

(Got to love that Internet Archive!  "The Cult of the Heavenly Twins")

The Newberry Library
Rare Books and Manuscripts
Chicago, Illinois

"Constitutions of the FreeMasons"
(Anderson's Constitution)

(Can be read in full if you click on this link Anderson's 1723 Masonic Constitution)

"Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy"
(Robert Hewitt Brown)

(Another classic found on Scribd "Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy")

"The Tarot of the Bohemians"

(Returning to the Internet Archive ... "The Tarot of the Bohemians")

"Mysticism and its Results"
(John Delafield)

(Staying in the Internet Archive we go ... "Mysticism an its Results"

"Nature's Finer Forces"
(Rama Prasad)

(Returning to Scribd for another file ... "Nature's Finer Forces"

"Popol Vuh"
(Probably the first English translation by hand.)

(Found for free again at Scribd ... Popol Vuh in English

"Vestiges of the Maya"
(Augustus le Plongeon)

(All three le Plongeon Books will be found at the Internet Archive ... "Vestiges of the Maya")

"Sacred Mysteries of the Maya"
(Augustus le Plongeon)

("Sacred Mysteries of the Maya")

"Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx"

(Augustus le Plongeon)

(Arthur Posnansky)

(The only link was just to one chapter ... "Tihuanacu, the Cradle of American Man")

The A.C. Buehler Library
Elmuhrst College
Elmhurst, Illinois

(Mircea Eliade: Editor)

Vera Stanley Alder)

More to come later ...
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