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If you don't question everything, you will know nothing and believe anything!

"My First 100 Days"

My First 100 Days

An Autobiographical Manifesto of Futuristic Novelty


William "Wilbur" Dewey Loudermilk

Below you will find links to the chapters and excerpted content that should be free.  Included are autobiographical stories, as well as research summaries and political, philosophical and cosmological perspectives that may prove to be genius, or madness.  What is not included are the parts that required some element of creativity to unite the diverse information contained.  Those will be for purchase, although that may not be an option immediately, although I don't intend on trying to market myself until I have those options available.  I will eventually update this page with a breakdown of which chapters fall under which heading, but I will post that as an update, too. 

As will prove true of most of my pages, they will have links to my Google Drive files which should be able to be read by anyone clicking on the links below.

Eventually, I will update this page to include links to the free audio book and a paid audio book.

Here is the link to about half of the free audio book.  You should be able to burn/download and listen.  Many of you may come to love hearing my voice, as I recorded the audio as I read my final revision aloud.  (There were several places I had to record over my exclamatory digressions which included a few "Holy Shit!  That may be one of the most profound thoughts I've ever read ..." as I looked back over to see if I was citing another " ... and I wrote that!  W O W!")  I'll eventually get around to checking why I quit where I did, but I might have quit converting from Garageband to MP3/4 and just need to finish that.  (If I had half of the projects I have in my head, and the ones in various stages of completion already finished, I probably wouldn't be so poor and anonymous today, or I might be dead because I am a heretic, but that will be revealed soon enough.)

Find My First 100 Days and other ebooks available at major online retailers HERE.

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