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Monday, May 21, 2018

"Fake News"

I admit to being cynical, but in my opinion the very topics discussed on the nightly news, especially the network news format has epitomized "fake news" for about as long as there's been television "news".

Sure, the lead stories might be about actual events happening that define the day, and I wish I could get a job as a weatherman with always answering the same "Tomorrow: 100% chance of weather! Back to you..."  If I were ever to be wrong, no one would be left to complain that the atmosphere has evacuated the planet!

However, the falsest of concepts occupy half of the nightly news: sports and finance.

Wall Street exists to surreptitiously and covertly transfer wealth upwards to the families born into dynastic wealth and controlling stocks in every publicly traded corporation.  These dynamic families have seduced those not born into dynastic wealth that they can become dynastic families if they "play the market".  But, what proved to happen in 1929, and has repeated by the bust cycle multiple times in the past 91 years, has been a transferring of wealth from those seduced into playing the markets to the plutocracy and the system of cronyism the plutocracy has created.

Therefore, if we really want to eliminate "fake news" the data about the NYSE and NASDAQ needs to become footnotes to the day instead of taking time away from further explorations of the stories defining the day to history (i.e. maybe, just maybe "we" could have gotten to the bottom if "Iran Contra" had the network news spent the time used for finance and sports to further discussing the complexities of "Iran Contra" (let alone how Iran Contra's "conspirators" seemed to also be involved in many of the other scandals of the 1980s and 90s).

"Wall Street is out to fuck every one over to make a profit" should be the single sentence dedicated to "the markets/finance" every night if we really seek to eradicate the continued dissemination of "fake news".  How long would it take to break the "spell" cast over the decades to seduce mankind back into "the markets" after 1929?  I imagine most are so conditioned into believing that "the markets/Wall Street" as being somehow the definition of "honest labor" that it would likely take three generations of hearing every night on the news the truth about "the markets" before enough people would quit entering those casinos to lose their hard-earned money and transferring what little wealth they had earned to those who, by and large, inherited their wealth, status and influence on Wall Street?

I say these things about the world of high finance not as a Marxist, but as a cynic who asked the type of questions that couldn't be answered by the instructors (and brought me looks to kill from my classmates) in a globally-respected corporate indoctrination camp... I mean top-ranked business school.  Even worse than the subterfuge of Marxist dogmatists remains the usurpation of commanding one's language that has allowed "capitalism" to become equated with "moneyed capital" instead of new ideas.  The etymology of "capital" originates in the root for "of the head" and not "of the money".

One can never "Make America Great Again" so long as they support the idea that the capitalist system - as currently defined by Wall Street - is actually capitalism (and one inheriting a slum lordship and divesting into casinos can never MAGA because he is the very swamp he decried).  Capitalism - as understood by its etymology - is about the competing marketplace of ideas (things originating in one's head), where the best ideas would be implemented (or at least allowed to compete freely) and bad ideas go extinct.

Since this seems the very antithesis to how the nightly news reports about "the economy" with solely discussing stock prices and indices change, how can any wise person not recognize the evening news discussion of Wall Street/finance being the epitome of the fakest of news?  Considering that this segment of the news really discusses "fictional persons" called corporations, it's essentially telling you how the fake persons did that day, and how could that be anything but "fake news"?

And I won't even bother with discussing the distraction du jour of professional sports as being another aspect intending of seducing the masses into a Casino Culture (as well as Celebrity Worship) just like Wall Street, but with far more tribal emotions (in group/home team v out group/visiting team and true idolizing others for irrelevant traits) than one feels for the stocks and bonds one might have purchased or inherited, or how many otherwise seemingly intelligent people can behave so stupidly because they've wasted the majority of their memory skills on sports trivia (Bob Costas might be the greatest waste of human intellectual potential since his memory seems to have, like an Asperger's obsession, only focused on sports facts from one who doesn't appear to have ever played any sport requiring any true athletic ability).

Sure, I might watch the World Surf League contests around the world, but I would prefer to go surfing, instead of watching others do it.  But, I have never really been a "good spectator" because I would rather be active doing something than watching others do something.  Although I loved playing (American style) football, I have no interest in spectating it.  I usually reserve my football spectating to Super Bowl Parties as a social event, but when I focus on the game, I focus on the number 2 (and a patterned order to 0's and 1's, but would really prefer the 2 to appear in the string of random 0's and 1's), since that would be the surest sign that consciousness can effect a Random Number Generator like used at Princeton's The Global Consciousness Project.  If I don't go to a Super Bowl Party there's a better chance than not that I won't even watch any of it.

So, I agree that the phenomena of "fake news" has been a longstanding problem facing citizens in the United States, but that's because I define "fake news" as the finance and sports sections of the news as being among the fakest of news stories having any real bearing on how historians will scrutinize our history and culture when we go the way of the Dodo and the Confederate State of America.  Sports and Finance have become the institutional "bread and circuses" to the modern Roman Empire... so long as the masses keep believing in these categories of "news", the longer the stranglehold of the plutocracy remains unchecked.
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