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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Where it stands

Here's my email to Google Domains:
I have been driven to tears from the stress of trying to make sure I have renewed my domain name ( before it expires.  The only thing I feel I accomplished was updating a card at Google Payments Center, but I didn't see anywhere to make sure that that card would have the renewal credited to it.
I have been given the runaround from on the telephone that told me to contact Google Domains because they were the "subcontractor" (not the word used, but essentially the same thing I can't remember what word they used to define that Google Domains as being the one to whom I owed my annual fee).
Then, I got the runaround from someone at Google Domains on the telephone, who tried to tell me I had to go through, until I started yelling that I had just gotten off the phone with someone there who had told me to call Google Domains.  So, then, I was told to contact G Suite, but I was treated so rudely there that I ended up in tears not caring if I lose my domain name.
I don't know what to do and I had three assholes at three different places (Google Domains, G Suite and be completely unhelpful, like they got off on giving callers the runaround and being completely ineffective in their supposed attempt to assist a caller.
Will my domain renewal be taken out of the card at Google Payments Center?  If not, why do you make it an endless maze to find how to make a simple payment?  Is this the true "Revenge of the Nerds" against the world that had enough a personality they didn't grow up playing computer geek alone inside all summer long?
So, we'll see, but at this point it's not worth shedding any more tears from stress at something so puny as a $12 annual renewal fee.

Come on huge solar flare!!!  Send an EMP that makes the Amish be the only survivors from the current United States!!!

That's where I am finding myself again tonight, hating technology for being pretty much a big lie because it sure hasn't given my life much a quality this past weekend trying to renew this domain.  If anything, the stress caused from it almost took about 20-30 years off my life because I was almost ready to throw in the towel because I hate technology that much and struggle to find optimism for our future unless we begin to seriously scrutinize technology.

If I would have procreated, I would have raised my children in the "third world" so they wouldn't know the soul-stealing empty materialism of the USA, nor the entire "keeping up with the Jones's" toxicity.  I say this because I have yet to see a child inside the USA smile like a child in the third world and would have wanted to raise happy children, not children obsessed with gadgets that seem to have been made to cause an addictive dopamine rush.

"Never forget that a human being with technology is exactly like an alcoholic with a barrel of wine"

- Ted Kaczynski

I think a more apt metaphor today would be comparing the generation stuck to their smart phones as being like the chimpanzee with the AK-47 (even if it's a faked video the point should be obvious).

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