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If you don't question everything, you will know nothing and believe anything!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Possible removal

If I can't figure out how to renew the subscription for this domain name by the 17th I anticipate this blog will cease.

I didn't set up my blog/domain registration and don't know if I will be able to figure it out in time before it expires because the more stressful it gets trying to find out how to pay $10 fucking dollars for another year the more likely I will let it expire so I don't have to deal with a stress that shouldn't even exist - it should be fucking easy to find/click on a link to pay for my domain name, but so far I am ready to put a little C4 in the disk drive and blow my computer to hell!

"User Friendly" software has always been among the most fake of news because I should have been able to figure out how to pay for this renewal in less than 5 minutes instead of starting to cry tears of rage at feeling incompetent because I have yet to encounter a truly user friendly computer program!

Blogger isn't too bad - UNTIL you have to renew your name and then good fucking luck remembering what you've done once or twice before.

Come on massive solar flare send and EMP that will make us all jealous of the Amish!

(I fucking hate technology because it doesn't seemed designed to advance our evolution because most of new technological advances were to either rip off customers , a la planned obsolescence, or to kill people, a la Military Industrial Complex R&D!)
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