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Monday, July 3, 2017

One of the biggest problems in the USA today

One major fact of difference seems to define today's citizens that will be celebrating a revolution's successful outcome tomorrow: our founders seemed to be men who not only held a deep conviction to a personal philosophy, but were also apparently willing to risk life and limb because of the conviction in their philosophy.  (Yes, I am well aware that only about 1/3 of the people in the colonies were in favor of the revolution, so maybe the major change has been away from those dedicated to a philosophical mindset to the 2/3rds that were either royalists or apathetic in the revolution?)

It seems that today's culture has replaced the love of wisdom our founders displayed and with a belief that a political disposition and opinion equates to actually having a philosophy governing one's life!!!

So, instead of a populace pondering the age old questions like idealism versus materialism (or even better, to try and resolve every dialectic into a new synthesis instead of being stuck in the Aristotelian Either/Or "reality") we have devolved into a populace mistaking political idealism as a philosophy.  Unfortunately, this does not appear to be a sane, nor rational mentality to possess, and I fear that James T Hodgkinson may be the best example of how this mistaken belief that a political idealism equates to having a living philosophy that exemplifies striving for the highest common factor.

A political opinion should very well originate from a living philosophy, but it should only be but one element of a greater concept of a philosophy of life.

I wouldn't even care if these people were to reject a philosophical idealism (as grossly simplified as possible: mind came before, and created matter), so long as they invested the time and efforts to turn off the damn television and begin studying philosophy with the intent, like ever philosopher before, to pick apart the things you disagree while infusing with your own thoughts the thoughts that you do concur.  (At least that has how my mind has seemed to work with every philosophical text  I have studied.)  Because we have allowed political philosophies to usurp the importance of a living philosophy (that truly does display a love for wisdom), and this seems to be the largest fault-line that has destroyed the foundations of this experiment in liberty that underlie the problems we don't even know how to address because we, as a nation, can't actually think deep enough to see that the Two Party System as being the greatest example of the Divide and Conquer Strategy!

If only the materialism versus idealism debate were the main division among the people ...

But, as John Lennon wrote (and sang) "You might say I am a dreamer" and I definitely hope that I am not the only one.

So, for the handful of people that might actually read this, instead of trying to get on a political soapbox this 4th of July, if you want to debate anything debate which came first: mind, or matter instead of yet another boring, redundant Republicant versus Dumbascrap political debate.  A nation divided over REAL philosophies should not be as irrational and insane as our nation appears because we have mistaken political philosophy for a real philosophy to dictate our lives.
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