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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Can we verify the 11 dimensions of M-Theory?

Simple empirical proof that the 11 dimensions of M-Theory (the combination of the 5 competing, 10 dimensional string theories) to be "reality".
To grasp what a dimension is, you must be familiar with the Cartesian coordinate system of x and y intersecting perpendicular to each other. Then recall how the z dimension intersects both x and y, but remember how it looked represented on paper: to be perpendicular, it was drawn essentially at a 45* angle.
So what would 11 dimensions look like if they weren't represented on a 2 dimensional piece of paper, i.e. in the world we perceive to be external. Let's begin with the human body, since the ancient mysteries always declared man to be the microcosm, or the macrocosm in the flesh.
Our two primary senses are sight and sound. Am I the only one that can see how the eyes and ears are as perpendicular as x and y? What, then, would be the z axis except for the angle of the nose in comparison to the eyes and ears. (Remember that the Fibonacci Sequence only APPROXIMATES the transcendental phi, so there can be slight variation from the precision of "pure" mathematics: only AT INFINITY does the Fibonacci Sequence become perfectly identical to the phi spiral it approximates.) The opening to the sense organ of taste faces the same direction/dimension as the eyes, however, the tongue's taste buds at rest would appear, yet again, to be perpendicular to the x and y axis of sight and sound, but also with that of scent. How then could we find the next perpendicular dimension? The sense of touch (our skin) would seem to complete and ideal of a fifth dimension perpendicular to all others.
So, now we have at least 8 dimensions, sight, sound, scent, taste, touch, length, width and height. Add to these 8 dimensions the dimension of time and all we need to do is to somehow find two more dimensions of existence that would further approximate perpendicularity with the other 9 dimensions only one born missing one of those senses could possibly try to deny (as well as the holographic universe hypothesis).
Hasn't social media proven that there is a perpendicularity between the dimension of "me" (internal, the I) and "you" (both singular and plural)?
And, to posit a predicable empiricism to justify this further, I expect that one of the 10,000+ Calabi-Yau spheres would be an ideal representation of how approximately 6 feet of DNA gets enfolded into the cellular prison, or to ideally represent the human brain's folds and convolutions.
But, then again, when I first read Brain Greene's "The Elegant Universe" in 1999, I completely saw in string/M-theory what Pythagoras sought as The Harmony of the Spheres because I was already considering myself a Pythagorean a decade before AC posted their four novels for free.
I go over this in far more depth in the Epilogue, although you will need to at least read Chapter 23 (I chose the epilogue instead of Chapter 24 so I could indicate that my entire project belongs in with Operation Mindfuck: Hail Eris, All Hail Discord!)
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