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Thursday, June 15, 2017

"Draft Bernie" and James T. Hodgkinson

Although I haven't been on social media much these days, I am aware of the movement to "Draft Bernie" Sanders.  Apparently, those who were seduced by the career politician's rhetoric (I do not trust any career politician, especially those who successfully migrate from the House to the Senate because I am so cynical and jaded that I don't think it possible for one to migrate houses without having been completely corrupted: by either agreeing with the motives behind those doing the corrupting, i.e. being a co-conspirator, or by having been seduced into a blackmailable situation while, usually, in their first term in the House enabling them to have a career serving the interests of those who have blackmailed them) think that the solution to this nation's problems would be to replace one old man in the White House with another old man and seek to somehow "draft" the Vermont career politician into another run for President in 2020.

Having grown up in an ultra-conservative Midwest state, and attending its namesake university in one of the most liberal cities in the state, and as a major university city, probably one of the most liberal cities in the nation, I learned at a young age that those leaning towards conservatism were, for the most part, more tolerant of ideas and words they personally do not concur than those with liberal leanings.  I have found this especially true of California as an adult.  The Republican parts of the state are filled with people who, although they may disagree with everything I say, think or feel, will still respect my Constitutional right to have the freedom of thought and the free speech to convey those concepts.  The same cannot be said about the die-hard Democrats who have been seduced by the whole political correct abomination to freedom of speech.  They seem radically less tolerant to ideas they have never contemplated before, to such a point that if they felt the strength in numbers, they might very well turn into a lynch mob to "keep the peace" by eradicating the one threatening the echo chamber of liberal dogma.

It's not easy to be the heretic's heretic.

Such is the life of a true free thinker that tries to scrutinize every source to discern facts from agendas/spins, especially when attempting to communicate these discernments to those who haven't realized that every source has its own agendas/cognitive biases that usually inhibit a bias-free source of information.

If you don't question everything, you will know nothing and believe anything!

The point of this post is to state that the entire meme of "Draft Bernie" is a proclamation of war because drafts are used for the preparation of and pursuing war.  But, this should not come as a surprise to the avid student of history because the socialism/communism/Marxism/Leninism that Bernie Sanders seduced via the verbiage of his perfected socialist stump speeches from his lifelong career in giving political speeches seems to only end in violence.  Someone called by a "Facebook friend" to have been a rabid "BernieBot" demonstrated the subconscious effects of what exactly "Draft Bernie" means by trying to assassinate Republican Congressmen at batting practice for an upcoming charity baseball game!

Although the local police appear to have been called to the Hodgkinson's house in Illinois because James was practicing with a rifle, it would seem obvious that he needed to practice firing another thousand or so rounds if he actually wanted to kill anyone instead of just trying to commit suicide by police because he seems likely the only one to perish at this first, of how many, domestic terrorist attacks of those dedicated to bringing the global communist revolution to our shores?  This is what the avid student of history should realize: that very few advances of the coin/beast with the heads and tails of communism/socialism have ever come without some of the worst bloodshed ever to flood the earth.

The violent intolerance of ideas by leftists was demonstrated by James Hodgkinson.  It appears he was seduced by the radical leftists on television, which would likely explain why he went after Republicans from Congress instead of the Democrats that directly inhibited his beloved "savior" from  getting the Democrat nomination and who have rigorously ensured that the two-party system retains its dominance.  Although I see the same insanity from both parties (anyone caught up in the two party system exemplifies the problem and will resist all sane, rational solutions), James Hodgkinson just gave the most sinister proof to my statements like "I would rather be too liberal in an ultra-conservative area than to be too conservative/non-PC in an ultra-liberal area because at least the ultra-conservatives will say things like 'I disagree with what you say but would fight to the death to defend your right to say it' while the ultra-liberals will be wishing they could still burn all heretics to their dogma at the stake!"

If you are, or know anyone seeking to "Draft Bernie," can you even begin to see how the very terminology used can only mean one thing: YOU WANT WAR?

Unless, of course, I have misunderstood and "Bernie" in the "Draft Bernie" is a type of Draft Horse that has many vocal socialists supporting it, or if "Bernie" has become the Hipster slang for a specific beer (probably one of the disgusting IPAs the Hipsters have convinced themselves is worthy of drinking) and it's become the new Hipster slang for ordering a beer out of a keg.  Maybe I could support either of those initiatives because I don't trust anyone who has made a career playing the games of political power in DC, and Bernie Sanders exemplifies career politician to me.

Or, maybe this was the motivation behind the attempted assassination of Rep. Steve Scalise?

I doubt this video was the true motive behind the shootings, but I found it interesting that the connection to "Pizzagate/Pedogate" has already been insinuated.  If only I believed anything/everything I have seen on YouTube!
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