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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Will a certain branch of conspiracy theory soon be proven?

In a post-election post I stated that the first candidate I have ever helped elect occurred this past fall, in a woman running for the local school board my father had a sign in his yard to endorse.  Since he's a retired teacher, I took his advice and voted for her as the first person I voted for that actually won their race for office.

I don't know if I discuss it at all, offhand, in My First 100 Days, {all but the simple plot devices utilized to force all that can be read for free into a coherent narrative - the friend who helped me get my already typed essays and novel online for purchase at such places like Smashwords as well as help start this blog for me: the review when I asked what part of My First 100 Days she liked best was "How you pulled it all together!" which she stated having read the complete digital version thrice as well as a few reads of the free parts [without having yet seen the layout I intend to someday print hard copies as a magazine which comes with a warning (on the back cover ;) about there not being a drug-free thought contained inside, but with the reader's patience and diligence, it would all make sense in the end) and hadn't seen how I included other essays she had helped get online or the hours of thought put into designing the layout]} but, I spent almost two months volunteering to canvas for Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign of 2004.  I had heard him on C-SPAN's morning show Washington Journal answer a question of his first act in office if he could get elected president state that he would repeal the 1996 Federal Telecommunication Act that radically overhauled media ownership regulations enacted since something like 1932 that limited how much influence any one media baron could exert across the nation.

I was taught about the proposed media ownership changes during the fall semester of my freshman year in an introductory Telecommunications class at a top 5 undergrad Telecom program at the time.  The professor had just taught us the existing laws that we would be tested over, but before moving to the next topic, began discussing how a bill was in committee in the Senate that would, if passed and signed, change those restrictions and compared the proposed changes with what was already existing, and we discussed how this bill could threaten the freedoms of speech and media.  Later in the semester, the bill came out of committee and passed the Senate after debate, all of which were discussed in class.  That was the fall of 1989, so it took a solid five years to get enough people elected into the House that would vote for that version of the same bill before yet another Bill signed it into law in 1996.  (To any Bernie Sanders supporters that felt the media had a bias towards Hillary, please bear in mind that her husband signed the law that allowed the media to be consolidated into 6 corporations, or as I like to put it CIABCNNBCS Fox, so they OWE the Clintons the profits, and control they have gained in the 20 years of consolidations and conglomerations of all media outlets and networks!!!  Had any/enough Sanders supporters actually been able to know and reason the why behind the media favoritism towards Hillary and made that issue part of, or even central to the debate their candidate might have secured the nomination, but since that fact and reasoning abilities escaped those feeling the Bern, they felt robbed but can't follow the evidence trail to find the culprits.  Plus, how many of these 6 corporate conglomerations also include vast holdings of stock in what Ike coined the Military-Industrial Complex?)  To try and be concise, when I heard Representative Kucinich state he would repeal the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 as his first act in office, I knew that it was most definitely not in the corporate media's bottom line's best interests, let alone those owning controlling stocks that can have "one of their own" be elected to the Board of Directors interests, to ever give Dennis Kucinich a principle eradicated during the Raygun White House: that of fair play (if a network gave one candidate time, they had to match the same time to all candidates, something I really recall more in its repealing than in its usage during my pre-voting years).  I took my winter lay off from scoring No Child Left Behind standardized tests and volunteered to go door-to-door to talk to people about why the media has a profitable interest to be dismissive about Dennis Kucinich, if they ever talked to, or about him and/or his candidacy at all.  [For all practical purposes, I probably had more network time in January 2004 than Dennis when Mo Rocca came to New Hampshire with The Today Show for a story on all the volunteers for all the candidates in NH which aired (having gone back to look only to find it pretty fitting to how my life works out) on January 23, 2004: 1/23/04!!!  Although long taped over, I was amazed at how I seemed to be the main story of that Today Show piece: I had about as much time in the piece as all the other volunteers for all the candidates combined, culminating in playing hack sack on my network television debut.  Maybe someday I can justify the $150 NBC wants to get one copy of one day's broadcasting of The Today Show, but I would also want to get the other times I have been interviewed on the local news.  I learned in February 2000 that I should have asked what channel and time they were airing the segment I was interviewed about a sunny 60 degree day melting the snow, but at least my parents got a few calls that I had been on the news that day.  I remembered to ask when interviewed on the beach that November in Florida concerning moon jellyfish so I could see that one.  Wish I could show it to my father so he could see me jogging down the beach with surfboard under my arm because my position on track was that running the 400 was pointless, if you aren't in lane 1 you finish behind where you start and waste a minute of your life going absolutely nowhere, and he was a track coach for middle and high school who, obviously, held different opinions about track and field than his baby boy grew to hold!]

Anyways, there have been few politicians that I believe have not been blackmailed during their first term in the House of Representatives.  I don't doubt that most of them were not seeking to get themselves into compromising positions that could be blackmailed upon arriving for their freshman terms, but when the name of the game is to seek reelection from the moment you are sworn into office, only the most "Christlike" will escape any two-year term, let alone their first term in the House without being blackmailed; those claiming most vocally to be Christians, however, may have already been blackmailed before the primary to their Congressional seat (i.e. was Dennis Hastert's molesting boys while as high school wrestling coach used to get him to even run for the House in the first place, let alone attaining Speaker of the House status?) and are only giving lip service to deceive their church-going constituents back home.  (I know I might have a problem with being too cynical, but I call it as I perceive it.)  The very short list of whom I felt were above "the swamp" of DC in 2001 were the few (15?) to vote against the Patriot Act which included such names as Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul and Cynthia McKinney.  I can't say I have followed her entire career, but I have so much respect for Cynthia McKinney that I wanted her to shatter all boundaries by becoming the first nonwhite male president.  She would have been a far saner choice than Obama because as fast as his political star rose from one of the most corrupt cities for politicians he had to have been blackmailed before he ran for the Senate in 2006, but I suppose I could be being overly cynical!  (My sarcasm just made my keyboard kind of sticky so I hope you can infer the sarcasm I implied in my italics that dripped onto my keyboard.)  However, Larry Sinclair was making the types of allegations against Obama from the beginning that seem to indicate he was, indeed, blackmailed before he ran for the Senate in 2006.

In all seriousness, though, I had long hoped that the first President of color we would have would have been descended from slaves.  Or even better, descendants of a slave that had saved up enough piece-meal income to purchase their own lives back from the plantation owner's that had purchased them in slave markets, like Willian Hayden.  [It does appear that the hemp industry was more a seller's market for raw materials (or finished rope) than the cotton industry which was representing the epitome of a buyer's market (the New England textile factories would dictate how much they would pay per bale of cotton to the plantation owners, and, obviously, they refused to pay enough per bale that would enable cotton plantations to be able to offer piecemeal pay like the hemp plantations were able to offer).  If one could have access to all the accounting records of all aspects of the cotton industry during slavery, I bet that the cotton plantation owners' cut of the profits were the lowest.  I bet it would be proven unequivocally that it was the greed of the New England textile merchants (who essentially ran white slave wages in factories that probably had worse working conditions, to pay for worse living conditions than the slaves working the cotton fields) that probably profited the most from the cotton industry, and I also bet the biggest names making cotton clothing in London made greater profits than the plantation owners, let alone the ships carrying the textiles from NE to old England, especially if they were owned by someone also owning ships trading in sugar cane/rum and the actual slave trade.  Slavery inside the USA was always an economic issue.  The same cannot be said about slavery in Africa, but it seems most people may never have been taught that slaves were purchased in Africa.  It is not like white man was going into Africa to capture slaves themselves because black-on-black slavery existed in Africa, and for more than just economic reasons, and I imagine that it's uber heretical to discuss how it was primarily Muslims taking slaves in Africa and then trading them with ships, disproportionately owned by European Jews, even if that appears to be what the historical record seems to indicate as being facts not appreciated by the politically correct insanity we inhabit today.]  I think it would have been incredibly healing for our nation had the first black President descended from slavery, if nothing else there sure wouldn't have ever been a "birther" movement had someone descended from slaves been the first non-white President.  At least it might demarcate between those concerned with whether Obama were actually born outside the USA, and those true racists that would want any reason to get rid of him.

What type of blackmail would be easiest to corrupt a freshman representative best?  Sex, drugs and money seem to have worked best historically, but if you could actually have the blackmail on the candidate before they first run for office, you don't have to worry about the efforts to corrupt them once they get to DC for their first term (both Obama and Hastert were from Illinois, one of the states known for having rampant corruption across the political spectrum).  So, with just trying to put yourself into the shoes of Cynthia McKinney (watch her grill Rumsfeld here), especially having lost her seat for two years because NYC Zionist Jews came down to Atlanta to get her voted out of office representing the black community of Atlanta in the House of Representatives and spending those two years winning back her seat by proving to her community that the money that backed her opponent was traceable to NYC Zionist Jews that were trying to silence her criticisms of Israeli influence upon US foreign policy, I am not surprised to find that she has had a recent Tweet that should be heard around the world.

With a link to President Trump announcing that he is going to take on Human Trafficking in Ms McKinney's Tweet, but why would as outside of an insider as McKinney warn that human trafficking would bring down both parties, all the way to the top?

Fake News

So what is all this talk about "fake news" today?  To give some background, let's go back a dozen years and I can tell you a story.  It was in about February 2005 when I had some friends ask me, knowing I had an internet connection when they didn't (at the time), why Nightline on ABC (and other corporate media outlets) were demanding the viewers to not believe anything read online at that time.  I could only think of one reason.  It was shortly after the story broke all over CIABCNNBCBS Fox for a few weeks about the homosexual prostitute signing in to the White House under James Guckert, but asking questions in White House Press Conferences as a "reporter" by the name of Jeff Gannon for essentially a "fake news" website: Talon News.  This story had been all over the television news (CIABCNNBCBS Fox) for about two weeks before disappearing from all discussion on the public airwaves, and without ever really getting to the bottom of it, either, by any outlet putting their best investigative journalists on the story.  The timing of the story's disappearance pretty much matched the very moment a mother who had been searching for her son since he was abducted from his paper route in Iowa the Sunday of Labor Day, 1982, began stating that this person using two other names with initials JG was once known as her boy Johnny Gosch.

I couldn't think of Johnny Gosch's name that night when asked, but since one of those friends was from Iowa, he knew whom I was talking about because it was a huge story (made me think about the times I had helped my neighbors deliver the paper when they went on vacation because I remember the story both from TV and the newspaper in Indianapolis reporting it when I was 11 years old and thought about it happening to me while helping my neighbors, except I generally wasn't delivering the Sunday paper in daylight for them).  I also remember planning on watching a show that was scheduled to air the day before my 23rd birthday, but it was not aired that night as I tuned in to watch it.  I do own the book (Amazon) that this documentary used as its primary source, as well as an interesting story about the approximate six week wait for the book to arrive from when I had purchased it on Amazon, but I won't get into my thoughts about that book ( for free downloadable copy) in this post because this post seems long enough now from the tangents already taken to get to McKinney's tweet and why it would take down both parties to the highest levels.

For now, though, I think it seems telling enough that the same push against "fake news" surrounds the internet sensation of "Pizzagate" where CIABCNNBCBS Fox remains absolutely silent about what is actually fake in the news of "Pizzagate" as being perfectly congruent/parallel to how CIABCNNBCS Fox all conveniently dropped the Jeff Gannon/James Guckert story in 2005 while simultaneously dismissing the internet as being unreliable for news in what seemed to be an immediate response to Noreen Gosch's claims that the biggest story of the day: the Jeff Gannon/James Guckert story was actually the continuation of what was the biggest story of the day in September 1982: the abduction of her 12 year-old son, Johnny Gosch, in broad daylight while delivering the Sunday paper

I will also state that I remain entirely skeptical about Comet Pizza/James Alefontis' involvement because this seems the likely distraction/false lead/the "mis/dis" in mis/disinformation: the easily disproven "facts" that then can lead to the people rejecting the actual information of blackmail rings operating at the highest levels of government.  For instance, the reviled "revisionist" history of Watergate asserts that the motive behind the break-in was to collect what Democrats were being sent to a call-girl/escort business being ran as a blackmail operation by the CIA, just as how the "honeypot" trap has worked so well throughout history to create traitors willing to betray their nation's secrets to keep their own secrets a secret (like how they fell asleep with a beautiful woman and awoke to her in her KGB uniform with her boss threatening to convince your nation you have already committed treason against it if you don't start spying for the KGB).

Obviously, I had been working on this post long before I just speculated about why Trump's actions seem mutually exclusive to his campaign rhetoric that I just posted.  My biggest caveat with the "pizza/pedogate" story has been its apparent partisan usage against the Democratic Party because this is the weakest evidence implicating the hierarchy of the either party when one compares it with the evidences throughout the years linking the Republican Party.  Not that I think/believe it is just one party being compromised as such: the best sources always seem to state that this form of sexual blackmail defines "bipartisanship": if you get compromised, you always have financial backing for another campaign, no matter which party you claim membership.

One thing remained constant between the last time CIABCNNBCBS Fox tried to exert superiority over the internet was the topic of the story trying to be silenced by the mouthpieces of the crony plutocracy.  Just over a decade ago it was to deflect attention from Noreen Gosch's claims that Jeff Gannon/James Guckert was her abducted son all grown; today, it seems the meme of "Fake News" originated to quell interest in the whole "Pizzagate" story erupting from Wikileaks leaking John Podesta's emails.  The common theme is the use of underage persons for sexual use/abuse by those in power; three places known for human trafficking/sexual abuse will be three stops Trump takes on his first trip: Israel has sex slaves tricked into leaving Eastern Europe and forced into prostitution in Israel, enslaving the infidel seems to still be part of the ideology in Wahabi Islam, and that sect definitely doesn't treat women as human, no matter the age where even Mohammed married a child, and, the reason I tend to lean towards homosexual pederasty as being the glue unitizing the elite instead of being the blackmail tool is the Vatican's history of abusing, in particular, young boys.

Granted, just because you read it online doesn't mean it's as credible, or more so, than anything from TV news, but the last thing the corporate media can do would be to to try and teach discernment for what sources should be considered credible because they would have to be entirely dishonest, or change back to before Bill Clinton changed media ownership rules with his signature in 1996 if they still desire to retain a market share of ratings because they would shoot themselves in the feet if they taught those susceptible to propaganda techniques how to scrutinize facts from agenda/propaganda/"spin".

If you don't question everything, you will know nothing and believe anything.
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