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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Interpreting Trump's first 100 days in comparison to his campaign platform

The Two-Party System appears to be the crony plutocracy's greatest divide and conquer tool that seems so successful on about half the US voting age/eligible populace.  This allows all major candidates to have proven their value to the ruling plutocracy long before the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary.  But, to those who truly grasp numbers and statistics, we know that, although pretty much the largest voter turnout in living memory barely broke 50% of people eligible to vote.  I believe it was about 46% voiced discontent with the system by abstaining from voting at all; whereas, I wrote-in a candidate whose sole issue was to make a binding "None of the Above" for every election, local. state and federal.  Had the remaining 46% too jaded to vote also wrote in the same name as I did, the swamp would actually have been started to be drained, even if only the scraping of the pond scum that rises above the rest.

I never trusted Trump's populist message for several reasons.  I gave up television well over a decade ago and never watched any reality shows and his reality show would have taught him to be even better at being a showman "selling" a populist message.  He has never worked an honest hour of labor in his life, and he's from New York City: three reasons (reality star, never earning callouses from a day of hard labor and belonging to the NYC business elite) to be skeptical of anyone, let alone a Presidential candidate.  However,  I was willing to give him 100 days to prove his intents and actions to match his campaign rhetoric.  Had I been forced to vote at gunpoint for either the Divide or Conquer parties based solely upon the debates, I probably would have taken the bullet to not see who would win: especially if it were a day when my back were killing me.  However, I am going to try to speculate several possibilities about the intentions driving the current President.  [Whereas cognitive dissonance acts as a subconscious control mechanism to prevent the brain/mind from activating its fullest potential, if you can hold three or more conflicting ideas as "equally" plausible (you may assign each a different weight of likelihood: a hierarchy of possibilities) it seems to act as the key to escape the mental prison of cognitive dissonance: then you can examine any new conflicting hypothesis and try your best to assess its statistical likelihood as well as Aristotle proclaimed to be the mark of an educated mind: entertain thoughts without accepting them.]

To begin, let's assume that candidate Trump was speaking honestly and sincerely desired to "drain the swamp".  One of his primary objectives in "draining the swamp" as a candidate, not that I followed closely, seemed to be attacking/dismantling the lobbying industry, especially the revolving doors between government and lobbyists.  As a business school student in university I was proclaiming that it was no longer of, by and for the people, but of, by and for the corporate "persons" who earn the profits to pay the lobbyists to buy and/or blackmail elected, and bureaucratic members of government, so I had hoped the candidate's rhetoric and stump speeches would prove my cynicism to be unwarranted.   But, I also learned that the entire corporate "economy" was a "game" created by the plutocracy to find the talents from the 99.99% to perpetuate these false "games" in perpetuity while allowing those who have demonstrated the greatest merits to the system that solely benefits the plutocracy to achieve "crony" status: like the people rising from an entry-level corporate position through being an executive to being selected by one of the few families that own enough stocks in every corporation to insure that their interests are represented on the Board of Directors, either by a family member, or by a crony they trust like a puppet to do their bidding.

The underlying belief that the corporate economy that dominates the world today as being good for all of humanity and our host planet seems so ingrained among all levels of intellect in the USA that the plutocracy seems too well entrenched to be taken on: the foundations of the "swamp" are from Wall Street and the relatively few families that own controlling stocks in every publicly traded corporation.  Trump's actions seem to prove he was akin to a frog whose only known habitat was that same said swamp of corruption (NYC inherited wealth), and that draining it would kill him, too.  However, let's speculate a few possibilities that he was speaking honestly as a candidate and why his actions in office appear to betray his campaign rhetoric.  

I can think of two possibilities that would explain how he could be speaking honestly as a candidate and act as though he were the swamp (how many of his appointees and cabinet members exemplify the cronies to the plutocrats if not the plutocracy themselves?) all along once sworn into office.  The first plausible situation being that he was preparing to file for bankruptcy, again, and was approached by, say the Rothschild family via Goldman Sachs with promises to forgive all debt, both corporate and personal, for him to act as the populist candidate to continue to deceive the masses still entrapped  in the Divide and Conquer two-party system and create further polarization among the people because our division equals their perpetual transfer of wealth upwards: they fear our unity.  Could this be the reason why he seems to continue to withhold his tax records because having enough debt to declare bankruptcy being forgiven would be visible to even those who've never even taken accounting in high school, let alone multiple semesters as an undergraduate?  Had he had all debts forgiven instead of facing bankruptcy, would that fact even deter his true believers right now?

The second possibility I can speculate at this time, although it might be a combination of both, is even darker than just being bought outright via debt forgiveness.  What if the Wikileaks emails that have been utilized to create the buzz around "pizza/pedogate" concerning John Pedestal, Comet Ping Pong Pizza, etc... were strategically leaked by the very top of the human trafficking pyramid because Donald Trump's connections and comments about Jeffery Epstein made him their (the capstone of human trafficking) preferred candidate?  In my lifetime, it seems that "pizza/pedogate" has usually been more connected to the Republican Party with that infamous headline from the June 29th, 1989 Washington Times, as well as the Franklin/Boys Town scandal and the Jeff Gannon/James Guckert situation, although it was always assumed to be truly bipartisan.  I am of the opinion that this proclivity seems to define "bipartisanship" all too well and seems a primary ingredient of the swamp of corruption.  I don't think anyone can go from the House to the Senate without either swearing allegiance to the plutocracy or being blackmailed by the machinations of the plutocrats, which should help explain why I never trusted Bernie Sanders (as someone who has always tried to vote out all incumbents and oppose the unopposed, how could I ever trust a career politician?  If only all these damn Bernbots had paid attention to Dennis Kucinich in 2004... ).

These are two plausible situations where Donald Trump would be given the green light to ignite a voting populace with his populist message that Trump honestly feels, while knowing from before he declared his candidacy that he has been compromised for his own weaknesses of the flesh and budget.  

The other plausible situation I could envision would be where Trump was 100% "selling" the populist  act to seduce the honest workers into supporting any New York City businessman, especially a slum lord and casino owner, because those honest workers, who tend to lean toward a more conservative political opinion, have unrealistic opinions about the culture among the business elites in NYC.  Honest laborers cannot conceive just how dishonest those who have never honestly labored for an income will act to procure more in a day than those honest laborers will make in a year by doing honest work.

Although I never joined the Trump Train because I have this innate distrust for those born into the privilege of wealth he knew, as well as an understanding of the working stiffs in the world trying to survive on an honest work ethic (I spent about 2 years cutting grass/landscaping  - with a BS from a top corporate indoctrination center - and many years waiting tables because they were honest labor; I attempted to be a salesman many times my first year out of university, but was too honest to close a deal and was told by a few sales managers that all salespersons are lazy: hence their choice to earn commissions as exemplifying their laziness.  I never spoke up, but I began to realize I would rather cut grass, or wash dishes than be "lazy"), I was willing to give him a chance to prove that his populist rhetoric was more than just the rhetoric needed to get elected.  His first 100 days has not convinced me that he can actually recognize the "swamp" that has engulfed our federal bureaucracies because of the plutocrats and their cronies he has surrounded himself as advisors.

I especially am distrustful of his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, because I see him as being the "new" Kissinger/Brzezinski whose purpose in the White House seems to most definitely not be to Make America Great Again, but to prove Trump's claim of being the "best friend to Israel" as being the most important claim from the campaign: far more important than claims of putting America First.

Call me cynical, call me jaded, call me an anti-Semite, I don't care!  I have no trust, nor love, nor faith in any NYC business elite to think, let alone act - in any way, shape or form - where the best interests of all mankind and our host planet come first, instead of acting in what way satisfies their unbounded greed most.  If we had an economy that would outlaw everything not conducive to making our nation the best it could possibly achieve (the apparent opposite of the obese and ignorant population of the USA), Donald Trump would probably be penniless, as well as his entire cabinet, because they all seem to exemplify the parasites that inhibit the true potential lying dormant in our DNA.

The two best outcomes from the Trump Administration I can foresee at this time would be the revocation of the taboo status of discussing the "Jewish Question" (how much disproportionate power/influence should be tolerated in any industry by any extreme minority, as well as what rational logic could exist as to why religious Jews are never to speak nor write the name of their deity: could it be because the Christians and Muslims would finally see the truth if the Jews were honest about the epitome of evil they call divine?  The Great Deceiver needs you to believe he's the one, true god because if you knew the god of Abraham were the Great Deceiver, would Christianity and Islam have conquered half the world for the devil the Jews call god?  If you don't question everything, you will know nothing and believe anything!!!) as well as the ability to discuss the absurdity of wealth distribution in this nation (I admit that 5000 people is a very small sample size, the facts on wealth distribution are more important that the small sample size asked for perceptions of wealth distribution).

We inhabit a crony plutocracy.  Donald Trump's administration seems to be the plutocrats losing faith that their cronies will do as instructed anymore.  I really don't think of Trump's (supposed) wealth as being amongst the elite of the elite, which was why I was willing to give him a chance to prove his populist rhetoric.  I still see the last election as three warring factions of the ".01%" putting forth each their preferred candidates in Clinton and Sanders and one of their own in Trump.  Whomever would win the election, the plutocracy would win, even if they didn't get their faction's preferred candidate.

Hopefully, "the 99%" can begin to see that the "1%" (really probably closer to .01% or even less) use divide and conquer strategies to perpetuate the "1%" and will realize that the only sensible lines of demarcation should be between those who live honestly, and the wealthiest of the wealthy who enriched themselves more through dishonesty than with honest labors.  Don't be fooled into a civil war against those holding other political views.  If anything, we need to unite and eradicate the plutocracy, even if by attrition by blockading their gated communities and not letting anything be delivered or escape.

Maybe if they turned to gardening their own food to survive an embargo/blockade on their mansions, they might learn honest labor?

I do not favor a communist revolution, but I wouldn't mourn if we wiped out everyone born into wealth and privilege.  The plutocracy has merged communism and fascism in the USA under he guise of providing socialism to corporations (social corporatism/corporate socialism).  The corporate system solely serves the plutocracy because they own controlling shares of stock in every publicly traded corporation with the purpose of influencing the board's decisions more than earning cash dividends like the ignorant masses who have been seduced into the corporate system seek as a return on investment (ideas that originated from the plutocrats in creating the systems to find and reward the best and the brightest willing to play the games established by the plutocracy to find and create cronies to their systems).

The larger and more centralized any bureaucracy becomes, the more likely that corruption, nepotism and cronyism become the rule instead of the exception.

New York City's business elite seem to exemplify "swampiness".  I no longer hold much hope that Trump is "keeping his enemies close" by surrounding himself with the swamp like I tried to convince myself he was when I was giving him 100 days to prove his intent matched his rhetoric.  Jared Kushner seems to be about as "swampy" as one can get (especially considering that his father was convicted of the very types of corruption that define the swamp) and he has failed to reveal his connections to George Soros and Wall Street/Goldman Sachs.  Yet, he seems to be the Grimma Wormtongue truly dictating policy behind the throne like Kissinger and Brzezinski before him!

How many on the Trump Train would have voted for him if they would have known that Jared Kushner was going to appear to be the true power behind the public face/image/brand?

Did Trump have debt forgiven to be a puppet with a populist message?

Has his relationship with Jeffery Epstein caused him to be compromised sexually with underage females?  

Or, could it be some combination of both that has caused him to abandon the populist rhetoric he used on the campaign to seduce honest workers into believing a dishonest executive?  

Or, was he just playing a part that too many believed to be real?  

I still hope he proves me wrong, but Trump appears to be another Zionist stooge that panders to the Jews because he knows he can't succeed in NYC without them.  He panders so much to them that he's sacrificed his daughter's sanity to the insanity and institutional racism that is the devil worship of Judaism.  His first trip seems to exemplify that he is compromised: he's getting his marching orders from the Zionists, Wahabists and Jesuits by visiting Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Vatican.  All three places represent the evil that the Satan they've been deceived to call "God" exercises nefarious influences leading to more blood and body sacrifices which that monster adores to have as offerings to its evil.  All three places are known for having dubious records on human trafficking and sexual abuse of minors.  Will Trump get his orders to start Armageddon/WW3 on this overseas trip by each sect of Satan he will be visiting (Judaism, Islam and Catholicism/Christianity)?

I have yet to find any way to logically refute/debunk the concept of the Archons and their chief, the Demiurge as presented in the Nag Hammadi texts.  If you don't like me calling your "god" as the most definitive summation of the epitome of evil, maybe you, too, should try to debunk the very concept of the Archons as conveyed via the Nag Hammadi texts?

If you don't question everything, you will know nothing and believe anything.
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