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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Will the local paper report this story?

I have been expecting to see this story after reading in the local newspaper that the local Jewish Community Center has had recent bomb threats.  However, I have little doubt that the local paper will report on the arrest of a dual citizen of Israel and the USA for calling in bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers, apparently not just inside the USA, either.

The primary point I would like to address mentioned in the ABC News link above I titled my essay: The Boy Who Cried Wolf) concerns what any sane, rational dissection of all the world's problems will eventually reveal.  

"According to an official briefed on the investigation, the suspect had been deemed insufficiently mentally stable to be drafted into the Israeli Army."
Now, what I am going to propose may seem as the apex in blasphemous heresy to far too many people living today, but after decades of trying to find the simplest explanations for what we perceive as reality, I cannot deny that this simple explanation seems to best satisfy that famous shaving instrument of William of Occam.

If we were to apply the standards of modern mental health to the story that underlies the three warring religions that have, unfortunately, dominated the western world for too many centuries: the story of Abraham, we should deduce from the story that, at best, Abraham had a tumor in his brain, most likely putting pressure upon the amygdala, but that, more realistically, he was suffering from some serious derivative of schizophrenia where hearing voices demanding him to murder his own child to satiate the voice in his head had to be obeyed.

I never understood how the story of Abraham really differed from that of another Jew, but one in the news in my lifetime: David Berkowitz - the "Son of Sam" mass murderer who still contends that he heard voices demanding him to murder, too.  He just perceived that the voice originated outside of his head and from his neighbor's dog, but hearing voices demanding to murder should ONLY be perceived as symptoms of either serious injury/disease (physical issue) in the brain, or as symptoms of a clear mental illness.

However, this is not as history records.  Instead, half of the world have been seduced into believing the voices in someone's head (who may never have existed more than any other fictional character) demanding to murder one's own child to have been the voice of divinity instead of insanity.

In the USA, at least, it seems that most who claim to be Jewish do not make that claim because they practice the religion celebrating these violent voices of mental illness in Abraham's mind.  I would imagine that those practicing Judaism are a monitory among those claiming to be Jews.

But, ANY religion or culture that indoctrinates its youth into believing they hold a "chosen class" of superiority over all other humans exemplifies the best definition of "institutional racism".  Once the most rational explanation of the source of Abraham's murderous voices gets reasonably extracted as being a sure sign of severe mental illness, it becomes apparent that any religion or culture descending from that mental illness could only leave a wake of irrationality and insanity in its path.

I knew when I read the local paper that there were bomb threats to the local Jewish Community Center that it would be some Jew acting as the Boy Who Cried Wolf.  It obvious wasn't coming from the local Muslim Center in the western suburbs because the Islamic world seems to call in to take the credit for a bombing after it has happened; whereas the Jewish method operandi of always trying to create an image of "rising anti-Semitism" (and where would such organizations as the ADL be without trying to intimidate the goyim - US non-Jews considered subhuman by all adhering to their chosen class bedtime stories - into submitting to the unethical and unscrupulous domination of the chosen ones?).

What is "anti-Semitism"?  According to the rabbis cited in the Jewish Encyclopedia's article on Zionism it seems that about 120 years ago the religious leaders of Judaism considered Zionism and Anti-Semitism to essentially be the heads-and-tails of a coin: Zionism could only create a resistance to such an extremist and racist ideology.  If one spends enough time between the Jewish Encyclopedia and the American Jewish Year Book (as I have in hard copies in libraries, as well as knowing where to find them online as the links indicate), one will read that those attending the early International Zionist Congresses knew they would never convert the Jewish adults living to Zionism. Therefore, it was decided to abandon trying to convert the adults to Zionism and to infiltrate the educational system to indoctrinate the Jewish youth into an ideology their parents and grandparents would never accept.

So, from the foundations of mental illness (hearing voices demanding murder), through the institutional racism even secular Jews seem to still be conditioned to believe they are special/chosen, and the obvious disloyalty to the USA that seems too apparent among those holding dual citizenship, especially when Israel is the other country they swear loyalty, a Jewish teenager was calling bomb threats all over the world from the safety of Israel.

I am not surprised because this insanity seems par for the course of all who claim that the violent voices heard in someone's head should be considered the voice of the divine.

The first time I read the translations of the Nag Hammadi gnostic texts, the religions of Abraham's "god" all seemed to make perfect sense as being the false religions of the falsest of all beings ever called "god" in antiquity.  The gnostics referred to this being as the Demiurge, but the Great Deceiver may be the more accurate title to surmise the extent of the "mind control" from believing this Great Deceiver to be the divine.

This young Jew arrested for calling in these "hate crimes" should be put on trial more global in reporting and viewing that Nurenburg and OJ so the whole world can see the insanity that dominates the world because we refuse to acknowledge that, if Abraham's voice were any being of superhuman abilities it surely couldn't be the actual divine voice of God but only the most evil being ever declared to be divine.

What simple explanation satisfies Occam's Razor about the condition of the world?

Half the world have either been intentionally seduced into worshipping the most evil, sadistic monster as though it were actually truly divine.


That half of the world, whether it be from childhood conditioning or whatever, have refused to apply the highest standards of critical thinking to ascertain that Abraham's voice might have likely been from a tumor in the brain, like affecting the amygdala, or from what modern medicine clearly would consider incapable of standing trial because of mental incompetency.

I don't hold much hope for the world because I don't see many people successfully questioning the religions they were conditioned into as children because I don't see how anyone can come to any other conclusions about the state of the world and its origins in the mental illness that became Judaism before branching out into both insanities of Christianity and Islam.

Can't we as a species create a better definition of god that doesn't celebrate what we definitely recognize as mental illness today?

Not without the "slaying" of the monster that is worshipped by Jews, Christians and Muslims alike.  How can we ever expect a sane world when half the world has embraced insanity as divine?

And, when will we goyim finally quit caring about the Jews crying wolf when so many of them are the wolves, even to intimidate and terrorize their own like this young Jew and his father arrest in Israel for calling in bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers around the world?

I am definitely not surprised that a young Jew was arrested for calling in over 100 bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers around the world because I can admit that the actual foundation of Judaism, hence its bastard mind control tactics for the gentiles: Christianity and Islam, are either deceptions from a nefariously evil entity of extremely high intelligence seeking a false identity of the divine or a desert clan trying to selectively breed mental illnesses as though it were a trait truly desired for the betterment of all mankind.

As a matter of fact, when I read the story in the local paper, I was fairly confident that it would prove to be a Jew calling in the bomb threats because they can't help but to be mentally unstable.  How can one ever be sane when conditioned to believe from birth that only "they" are "human" and all outsiders exist only to serve the "chosen ones"?

How can Judaism be anything OTHER THAN the best definition of INSTITUTIONAL RACISM known on this planet?

What did this institutional racism breed?  Christianity and Islam.

All three religions seem to continually offer blood/human sacrifices to the god of Abraham, which does make it more difficult to just dismiss the voice Abraham heard to just being mental illness instead of the Great Deceiver who seems to relish the religions that lavish blood and death in his name.  And, the actions of this arrested Jewish teenager who was found mentally incompetent to join the world's most institutionally racist military shouldn't surprise anyone paying attention in the world that isn't afraid of the ad hominem attacks that come when one questions the actions and policies of organized Jewry.  Did they think he would take too much pleasure in the genocide of the indigenous?

But, of all the religious stories I have studied from around the world, the only concept I couldn't disregard was that on the Archons as conveyed in the Nag Hammadi library.  These entities are supposed to feed off of human consciousness freely given to false-to-facts belief systems.  To deny their possibility of existing would be to freely give your consciousness to something that cannot be proven to be 100% factual because if you believe they don't exist, and they actually do exist, then believing they don't exist would provide them the food they need to feed off you like a parasite you refuse to acknowledge being possible.

If you don't question everything, you will know nothing and believe anything.

I, for one, have heard more than my fair share of Jews crying wolf in my lifetime that I don't care if they really get devoured by wolves.  But, I have also spent several hundred hours inside the Jewish Encyclopedia and the American Jewish Year Book; enough time inside both to know that if their titles were going to be 100% accurate it would be the Zionist Encyclopedia of Judaism and the American Zionist Year Book, and to know that neither source can withstand the highest standards of academic scrutiny that all credible primary sources endure.

Will your local newspaper of television carry the story that ABC News reported that I linked above to start this essay?  I don't expect my local news to report that this young Jew was arrested for making over 100 bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers around the world because that wouldn't serve the agenda of always creating sympathy and pity for the Jews.  But, again, I have read the article on Zionism in the Jewish Encyclopedia and I can never forget the ideas expressed by rabbis that equate Zionism with Anti-Semitism because the more the Zionists pursued their objective of racial superiority the more resistance to that racism would be generated.

At least those rabbis were wise with their vision of what Zionism would accomplish if it ever took root: if only modern Jews knew their warnings, maybe they might genuflect upon their culture and realize that their entire culture was founded upon what today would result in being institutionalized as a threat to self and others because of the voices demanding murder, and maybe inspire Christians and Muslims to realize that the "god" of Abraham should not be something worshipped by any truly humane human.
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