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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I just binge-watched all 13 episodes of what should become a long-running television series.

Yes, I cried every episode, but they were, mostly, tears of joy!!!

In episode 10 (I believe) at around the 12 minute mark, Leon perfectly explains an observation that could have shaped my life.  Leon had met a group of missionaries from the USA and they discuss the smiles of the children in "poor" nations compared to children in materialistic cultures who don't seem to smile as often, nor as sincerely as children too poor to know what they are missing.

This same observation was made by yours truly in my mid-20s while traveling the world while young and healthy.  Although I was trying to make my life a slice of heaven in this hell I was born into (and which I still try to make the best of every day and every situation to make this hell of "human civilization/culture" enjoyable), I happened to think one of the worst forms of child abuse was to choose to sentence another soul to this hell on earth.  However, having seen the light shine in the eyes of children in those "third world" nations and the sincerity in their smiles, I made the decision then that if I were to bring any children into this hell on earth, I would raise them in the third world so that I could see my children have the same spark in their eyes and the most sincerely beautiful smiles on the planet!

In their late teens, I would bring them to the USA, flying to LAX and renting a car, to show them what heritage they could have if they so choose, hoping they would be begging for their third world simplicity within the day, but to also show them what universities they could apply to attend if they so chose.

From my own experiences inside the USA, it does seem that those without much are more willing to share what little they have, especially if you might have less than them.  Leon finds this truth in Pittsburg.  The more possessions/"wealth" in the bank people inside the US seems to claim as their own, the more afraid they seem of losing any of it; henceforth, why the wealthy can appear more "unkind" towards others than those who struggle to survive.
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