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Thursday, November 10, 2016

My thoughts on this election cycle

Sorry it has been a year since my last post.  Many of you might have wished for my thoughts before the election, maybe even for who I would have voted for in the primaries, but I have had life get in my way this year.  A life where I was beginning to think that the pendulum of my life was getting ready to cross back to a positive swing instead of the 10 year negative swing I have tried to make lemonade from the lemons.

I hope to start talking to myself with my computer's video camera recording my thoughts in the hope that I would be far more productive than having to type.  Still haven't recorded my first one, and I will try not to ramble to much in this post tonight because I just have one major thought I want to convey as a post-election thought.

I may have actually voted for the first person to ever win a race this year (I do need to make sure my three write ins were counted before I know I actually had a vote count for a local school board member.  The only reason I voted for her was that my father, a retired teacher, had her sign in his yard because he knew her.  Not having any children, let alone in the school district I took my father's opinion on her and at 45 years old she is the first person whom I might have helped get elected.

Why have I never voted for a candidate that has won?

I refuse to subjectively choose my belief as to which of the two evils running I perceive to be the lessor of the two; I have always known that choosing a subjective lessor of two evils remains choosing an evil to have authority of you.  Or, to state differently, if you are willing to choose who you perceive to be the lessor of two evils you have still chosen to elect evil, and to my reality tunnel/world view, closing evil to govern, even your perceived lessor evil is to accept the corruption that makes evil have two candidates for those willing to chose evil perceived, subjectively, to be the lessor.

So, I did not cast my vote for Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton.  (I will try to record myself talking about my interpretation of this year's election, so let me make my point for this post.)

I could not support Trump because he was born into the Establishment, but he didn't appear to be the candidate desired by the Establishment so maybe my cold cynicism towards him can be thawed by the actions he will take to "drain the swamp"?  I have tried to remain hopeful enough that he truly seeks nothing more than to eradicate the corruption that plagues the divide and conquer strategy that defines our two-party system, but that hope was only given the slightest percentage of plausibility because of my cynicism and biases against those born into extreme privilege as not having to fairly enter the job market against people like I went to school with in Greenwood, Indiana.

So to those who have been emotionally distraught since Hillary lost the election I must ask this: Are you really so naive as to not be able to see the depths of corruption that permeates the entire District of Columbia's "culture"?  Have you not noticed that DC exists as it does today because of the very culture of corruption of the entire lobbyist industry?  I would love nothing more than for Trump to thaw my cold cynicism by him taking on the largest, most corrupt government on the planet today, but I have a feeling that those who think they need to flee the country to escape a Trump tyranny are either somehow part and parcel to the corruptive influences, or somehow so stupid that they would be trying to cut down the Clintons before their public execution for treason (right alongside Poppy and W Bush for their treasons) because they will never be able to see the world for what it truly is: corrupted by decades of Americans voting for whom they subjectively perceive to be the lessor of two evils.

Hillary Clinton was the Establishment's candidate because she has been part and parcel to systemic corruption that permeates the bureaucracies in DC.

Maybe Trump sincerely wants to eradicate the systemic corruption, and the corruptive influences of those in his social circles by their funding of lobbies and lobbyists to buy and blackmail politicians and unelected career bureaucrats?

Isn't it in our nation's best interests today to quit being so emotionally divided because of the election and at least give him a chance to confront the corruptive forces he says he wants to clean up from further corrupting against the interests of We The People?

I will be trying to get a few things to go viral, including at least one petition to the White House that would have to be addressed if 100,000 people sign it, and if 100,000,000 or more would sign it, Trump might be the only person that would see the validity of the my pragmatic position and would act favorably if it could get more signatures than voted for him.  I will keep updating here, and then linking to Facebook once published as we finish the year.

Don't despair just yet, America!  Even the Trump haters and skeptics (I am more the skeptic than a hater) may find their opinions change if he truly is sincere are wanting to eradicate the corruption of the federal government.

(So long as they don't go all cognitive dissonance upon hearing that the most common method to corrupt the elected officials is to provide them with cocaine and children/teens to have sex with ... for the camera, of course, to capture that they will do anything to keep from having leaked to the press.)
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