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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sorry it has been a while.

The New Year's Resolution I seem to have kept was to quit Facebook cold turkey.  It really hasn't been difficult, but like any habit, the first few days were spent reconditioning myself to not spend time on there.  The resolution I seem to have failed was the intent to spend that time typing on this blog.

Once I burned out of school while attending university, I was working just under 36 hours a week as a cashier in a grocery store so I could save money for the summer I spent in Europe (1992) as part of an overseas study.  I was working the amount of time that I used to study for my classes, and joked more than once that I did not have time to study because I spent that time working.  Instead of classes, study and party being the three main time investments, I lived with work, classes and party.  It was during this school year that I took some of my favorite classes, one of which I would not have taken if it had not been an 8 week course.  (I also took a 10 week course that semester, so two of my five classes were over before Thanksgiving Break, and one of the classes that lasted all semester was bowling!) 

The point of that story was to help explain why I have not made any entries since winter.  I have spent most of my time I and newfound income scouting for items to sell via Amazon at The Evolving Door Bookstore.  My dreams and aspirations for that income stream will be to eventually sell only my own products, as well as specific books that I have consumed that I recommend (like maybe a bundle of 10 of the most important books in my library).  When this becomes the case I will go global on Amazon so that many of you, dear readers, will be able to acquire hard copies of The Evolving Door Issue  which includes the "plot" items missing from "My First 100 Days" as well as lyrics to the songs on the double-disk Please Use the Evolving Door (about 2.5 hours of music including about 20 minutes of some stand up routines).  Also distributed throughout Issue  will be "The Bushby Fraud" as well as the research that led to the as yet unpublished song "A Modern Day Heretic" that can be discovered at the very final link on this blog's page warning of heretical thoughts (not the song, but the research).  It appears as though I will find the motivation to finish the video slideshow that I will attach the song to, even though to read it all you will likely have to have on pause throughout, unless, of course you have read through what makes me a modern day heretic, then you may listen to it the first time.

What motivation, you might ask?  Well, had I gotten tickets when they went on sale instead of about a week before through Vivid Seats, I would likely have had the Kickstarter and have been prepared for the 4th of July weekend in Chicago in time for the Fare Thee Well 50th Anniversary Grateful Dead tributes.  I am blessed to have found an income, instead of being the starving artist, albeit not quite enough yet to actually support myself, I was able to justify spending about $550 for three nights of those shows.  Had I been able to get tickets when they went on sale and had done a Kickstarter then, my life may have already changed from building towards a livable income to being able to travel the country playing free shows for a year to build up an audience.

I am currently waiting the printing estimates from the online source for copies of a 200+ paper magazine and start a Kickstarter campaign to have my double disk Please Use the Evolving Door as well as its companion The Evolving Door Issue  as a bare minimum, if not also several t-shirts, bumper stickers and buttons.  I will be offering copies/sets of these products to those funding me, with probably only for the big spenders having signed copies.  (I have injured my thumb enough that writing for extended periods causes pain for days, the types of pain where I cannot even strum a guitar because of my thumb, signing 1000 copies when I get them would cause me to not be able to clean stickers off of books to sell or play a guitar, but I print with my right hand and write cursive with my left, so I have two different signatures anyway and I feel weird the few times I have had people wanting me to autograph something for them, like when I opened for the Sublime tribute/cover band I took on tour a couple of times in my motor home).

My Dead line will be to have music and magazines, at a minimum, for at least part, if not most, of the upcoming Dead and Company tour because Shakedown Street seems one of the few places where I have a great chance of selling thousands, if not even tens of thousands package deals of music, comedy and a completely self made magazine.  I believe I already have a friend who can offer his Toy-Hauler travel trailer (where I can set up shop on Shakedown Street, for those of you who don't know, not only is Shakedown Street the title song of a Grateful Dead album, but it is also the term used to describe the parking lot scene where all sorts of vending take place, from food, water, beer, tye-died cloting, etc... the city market of the wandering Deadhead community where everything a Deadhead could desire can be found, including new music).

My absolute Dead line would be to hit the 4 shows in California culminating with the New Year's Eve show, and I will need at least two business weeks to have the magazine printed, but I am trusting that I will be able to at least hit most of the November shows because I really only need 5-10,000 copies of the magazine to be able to get more made and shipped to me on the road.

I have never begged for any donations to this blog, and I have no idea if any of you dear readers have purchased anything from my Amazon store; however, I will be asking those of you who can afford to help me with making my dreams come true via a Kickstarter project in the very near future.  The only guarantee I could ever make about being far better about making new posts, or getting a video camera to make some "vlogs", like to where I might be posting something daily, would be for me to be sitting or lying down on a tour bus between cities, or in the hotels and back stages.

I once learned a very hard lesson derived from being conditioned to not talk about money.  No longer will I ever be afraid of stating "You could change my life with $10,000!"  If only a handful of my readers have any real wealth, and have derived anything of value from the words at this website, I could very well be on the road with enough product of original creation.  Expect to see activity in the near future about a Kickstarter campaign where you can obtain hard copies of "My First 100 Days" that will include the plot that ties together all the diverse ideas, research and experiences that I freely offer.  If you have read what is available for free on this website, or as an ebook and weren't so offended to quit reading, you should be very interested in just how I made a web out of all those tangental threads.

So, more to come soon.  As in my next posting will be trying my best to extrapolate estimated printing costs until I receive the actual quotes so as to help inspire those of you who can be so kind and generous to help put me in a very real position to start attaining my dreams for a better world.

Thanking those of you who can help see this project through in advance with deep felt sincerity and humility that you find me and my ideas worthy.
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