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Thursday, December 18, 2014

I must confess that I wish I were better at writing posts, but I also know how many tens of thousands, if not well over a hundred thousand of words can be found in "My First 100 Days"that can keep the reader occupied.  I have copied many of those words in previous posts, but all the chapters I cannot morally charge you to read (i.e. research versus creative writing) can be found for free online.

This post, however, will not be about ideas, but some information about the author, especially dedicated to the international readers of said human's said ideas.

Although I was born inside the United States, I am unlike most, if not all, of my fellow citizens you might have encountered in your homelands.  As a matter of fact, in my "traveling twenties" I had to pull out my passport on more than one occasion to prove I heralded from the USA because people I have met had never met another "American" like me.  I have always strived to be anything but the Ugly American, and came to feel towards the Ugly Americans much like the rest of the world views that stereotype.

But, I suppose I also lived the life of a traveler instead of that that of a tourist.

I have not set many goals in my life, and the last major one I had I failed miserably.  About 6 weeks before I turned 27, I set a goal that, by 40, I would have been in 100 countries and all 7 continents.  At the time, it seemed quite reasonable, and I hope on some quantum world I accomplished it by having one conversation come out with a different ending: a la Wheeler's many world's interpretation.  The only "business card" I have had, to-date, in my life I made myself before going to sea on small ship cruiseships.  It stated my mission statement  of life being the attainment of the types of wisdom that come only from traveling.  The world may not be the same as it was in the days of Herodotus and Pythagoras, yet a tradition remains of the greatest minds of history to have been the strangers in strange lands at some part of their path towards sophia/wisdom.  I had already deduced what was wrong with the world through majoring in business at a top 5 nationally ranked "corporate america indoctrination center" because I failed to be indoctrinated.  I was in said business school during the collapsing of the Soviet Union, and studied overseas in Maastricht, the Netherlands the summer of 1992, when the EU treaty was being ratified that bore that beautiful city's name.

I experienced several enlightening moments that summer in Europe.  On campus at the time, there was much debating between "globalism"with the same resistance to unification in Europe in 1992 as that opposed to NAFTA in the USA.  Yet, my moments of clarity revealed that we are one global tribe, in desperate need of a new global religion and governance of an enlightened global citizenry.  However, these aims of a truly united "terran" tribe of earthlings seem to have been usurped, perverted and corrupted by a small group of plutocrats into what we should call "corporate globalism".  Corporate globalism, then, would be the antithesis to the direction of natural conscious evolution that dictates global governance and religion as being the natural outcome of evolving beyond the variety of "isms"utilized to divide, hence conquer, all of humanity.  We took a 10 day study trip that summer, as far "east" as Prague (I believe Vienna is geographically further to the east, but I am speaking of Cold War East v West terminology, so for that matter we also went into the former East Berlin).  I returned to Prague in December of 1995, while traveling further behind the former Iron Curtain.

In these forays into what could very well have been "enemy lines" and meeting people who I could have met on the field of battle had the Cold War turned hot and then a draft resulted, it was enlightening to learn that we are all humans - a global tribe with all the same desires, passions and needs, as well as being so susceptible to cultural conditioning into believing any of the propaganda about a supposed "enemy".  If I cut you, you bleed red, and if you cut me, I bleed red, too.  None are born better because they were born in a certain geographical region, or to a certain subgrouping of homo sapiens.  Nationalism is a crime against humanity (as all "isms" appear to be: could a Cold war have ever existed without the "isms" of communism and, so-called, capitalism?) that can be evolved beyond, but once evolved beyond, then one becomes a proponent for a spiritual global identity.  Thus, a global religion of enlightenment, practiced by enlightened adepts numbering in the billions, would require very little governance, and probably have little need for more than one currency, if even one medium of exchange were required by a world full of enlightened minds.  So, I cannot entirely oppose the goals of uniting humanity.

However, it doesn't appear that the plutocratic class around the world shares these same ideals of a one world religion, currency and government, although they may strive for said ends.  Their desires for the same appear to not be altruistic in nature, as though they were truly enlightened beings seeking a global status quo of illumination, but as something they desire in their selfish quest for greater powers and controls over the unenlightened, and divided humanity addicted to their divisive "ism" of "choice" (although conditioning seems more likely than choice because we seem born into most the isms to which we adhere), all of which seem to directly profit the plutocrats and insure their continued dominance.

Anyways, had I been a professional baseball player, I would have made it to the hall of fame with a batting average of .360.  Still, I remain proud of having seen 36 countries on this little, blue ball, especially since I either worked to travel until I got to work while traveling.  I barely got over a third of that goal accomplished, and got 4 out of 7 continents, but I miserably failed to reach the only goal I set in my young adult life.

I completely comprehend why the world hates the Ugly American, so do I.  However, I also see parallels between the Ugly American and the haughty French.  Both fail to be critical of their cultural conditioning, while being critical of others' cultural conditionings.  Both need to evolve their consciousness beyond their arrogance about things they had no control over - like where they were born.

Although in an extreme minority, I do want the world to know that not all of us who happened to be born inside the USA are the Ugly American tourists around the world.  I have been one of the best ambassadors to represent the positives from the land exporting Coca-Cola and war, because I don't believe I am better than "you" because of where I exited the womb.  Although most of my words on this website might be intended to help inspire and incite change inside the USA, I am only trying to "act locally" but my thoughts are always global in nature.

Should we fear a future of a one-world religion, if that religion were about attaining enlightenment?  How much governing would a world of enlightened beings require?  Would a medium of exchange be required between enlightened beings?  Granted, these don't appear to be the objectives of the crony plutocracy who seemed to have usurped another noble concept to nefariously selfish ends.  I want the USA to perfect itself to re-ignite the torch of liberty around the world as a beacon of hope, again!  Yet, the pessimistic realist knows an extinction-level event may be the only catalyst to our evolution because the USA was successfully invaded and conquered by the double-edge sword of stupidity and apathy that were surgically repaired with the stitches of Christian fundamentalism affixed to the needle of Zionism.

A big heart-felt thanks to all my readers around the world, maybe someday I can get back to traveling internationally so we can meet.  Enjoy your friends and families these holidays, and by word of mouth, ask them to Please Use the Evolving Door!

"The future's here, we are it, we are on our own."" -Weir/Barlow
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