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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Modern Science and Ancient Cosmology Unite in Biophotonic Emission

Somewhere inside the pages of "My First 100 Days" I discuss if light should be excluded from having at least three states of matter.  I resolve that by stating that light appears to constitute at least four states of matter, with the plasma state of light explaining quantum entanglement and nonlocality, as well as being the state of matter of light which allows for the long fabled telepathic abilities of the mind, called "psi" today.  I postulate that photons of light in space are analogous with the gaseous state of matter in which plasmatic states can be excited and united seemingly faster than the speed of light, and that the surface of stars being the "boiling point" of gases condensed into a liquid.  But, because I am a heretical thinker, I proclaim that DNA (and not just human DNA, but ALL DNA combinations and permutations) to be the solidified state of light.

Am I insane to postulate such heresy?  Am I even more heretical to associate cutting-edge modern sciences as being the root of ancient religious cosmologies that modern man is but rediscovering in the very modern science of biophotonic emission?
"This exorbitant information density leads to a phenomena known in physics as Bose-Einstein-Condensate (BEC); that is, photons are trapped, much like in a cryotrap,condense and “freeze” in time.  The stored light accounts for the elemental stability of the DNA-molecule."
 "The stored light accounts for the elemental stability of the DNA-molecule" - of photons of light that have been "frozen in time" inside their (prison) cells that emit some of those photons similar to how an iceberg, or even glaciers can evaporate water molecules without necessarily passing through the liquid phase directly into air as a gas via the phase shift called sublimation.

Personally, I am excited and enthralled with this new science because of my studying of ancient cosmologies because we may well live to learn that what we think to be ancient religions and myths were but an ancient science of life that has survived a cataclysm that spawned a new age of savagery that man would have to evolve past to return to being scientific.  A more "proper" title for what we "know" as the Egyptian Book of the Dead (because it was found in tombs when we knew not how to decipher the meaning) would be along the lines of "The Book of Coming Into Day," or into the Light because of the "belief" that our physical body was not the primary body.  Our primary bodies were our "Light Bodies".  In Tibet, it was called the Rainbow Body, but what is a rainbow but a prismatic viewing of light?

But, my favorite ancient metaphor that seems to perfectly describe these biophotonic properties of DNA would be the Gnostic version that we are all imprisoned reflections of the divine spark, imprisoned into matter by deception away from our pure state of that divine spark.

For those that have completed even the free version of "My First 100 Days" they might begin to see that I would claim the photons being emitted were aspects of "phi" escaping back into their realm from the imprisonment associated with the Fibonacci Sequence.  Or, that the biophotons would represent pure Mind that existed before the "birth" of the matter imprisoning it, temporarily.

Can humans attune their eyes into seeing biophotonic emissions?  Could this be the reality behind the mythos of the aura?  Methinks mankind might be returning to a gnosis of the high sciences of previous precessional ages; I just hope this time we learn to not abuse the powers associated with this latent property of all forms of life via their DNA formulations.  There may be truth behind the myths of the warring priesthoods of Atlantis where the black arts won, and that may be the reason this science is but a rediscovery because it has been kept from us since the fall of Atlantis.

I am just a photon of light imprisoned inside an organic prison.
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