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Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Possible Showdown May Occur Soon, Are You Ready?

As the war drum is being beaten to attack another sovereign nation that has no relation to that terrible Tuesday approaching its silken anniversary (too bad the war drums weren't beating this loud a year ago approaching the eleventh - the steel - anniversary of what I like to call Dick Cheney Day, that would at least be ironically hilarious to the writer), it appears as though those descendants of the creators of the mass mind control mechanisms known as the three religions showing any respect to the voices in Abraham's head demanding him to murder his own child are utilizing the literal, and false Armageddon script to steer their herds of human cattle into World War Three.  How ironic is it that the man who won a Nobel Peace Prize before being sworn in as Commander-in-Chief is seeking approval to attack a sovereign nation that has never, to my knowledge, ever attacked the USA?  If the lives of Syrians (and the future generations that will be born with depleted uranium defects) weren't seriously at risk, it would almost really be hilarious that the man who took office with a Nobel Peace Prize (for what? being the first non all-white man to take the oath of Commander-in-Chief? that (as sarcastic as I can make that sound) defines the merit of a peacemaker if there ever was any objective criteria.

But, all cynical and sarcastic humor aside, what will your reaction be if Vladimir Putin accuses, with FSB (replaced the KGB) evidence to defend his claims that a Zionist network that permeates multiple governments including dominating Israel's that clearly has a stranglehold on US policies with the large number of Ashkenazi "Jews" (the Eastern European Jews descending from Bulan's conversion) largely disproportionately represented in the unelected bureaucrats, both that rotate with administrations and those that are true bureaucrats and a complicit Zionist corporate media (thanks Bill Clinton for allowing 6 corporations to control information) in succeeding in the greatest false-flag attack to create the sympathy for war recorded history has seen on live television: the attacks of 9/11/01?  What if not only Putin, but other nations speak up with their intelligence agencies' reports also clearly indicating that, although there may well have been 19 rabidly jihadist Muslims, their strings were being pulled by a Zionist network?

Do not get me wrong; I know why 15 out of the 19 would be from Saudi Arabia because I read Bin Laden's fatwahs when they came out in 1996 and 1998.  Those were the years I worked on the small cruise ships you may have read a story or two from "My First 100 Days", so I made sure I knew what the world situation was concerning attitudes towards the USA because it might have made the difference between life and death.  Even the people that would suicide bomb themselves against an icon like the twin towers don't hate the average American ... well, I suppose so long as that American were a Muslim to some/most of them; but, in my travels, even those that loathe US foreign policy don't generally hate every American they meet.  They at least wait to see if they are the Ugly American before passing that judgement, or at least in not being the Ugly American, I've rarely encountered anyone that would blame me for my government's policies that I don't support in the first place.  Not only did I read those fatwhas when they came out as though my life depended upon it (a religious zealot with enough money to fund his own army of jihadist zealots like him needs to be taken seriously - had I the power then, I would have prevented 9/11 by apologizing for my predecessor's lie about leaving Saudi soil as soon as Kuwait was liberated and vacating the bases we were allowed to put there on the condition we would abandon those bases upon the liberation of Kuwait), I recognized that had Bin Laden known more about US history he could have cited the founding fathers, including Washington's Farewell Address.  He was correct, though, about how GHW Bush promised to vacate our troops from Saudi soil as soon as Kuwait was liberated from Iraq: that promise to leave was the promise that allowed us to commence Desert Shield in Saudi Arabia from whence to exercise Desert Storm.  That is still the reason there exists zealot Saudis that would take their chance to hijack a plane on a suicide mission against their definition of infidels.

However, zealots are easily manipulated to act as desired by those knowing how to manipulate people so zealous that they have no rational, nor logical capacities available to process any information objectively.  When I saw my mother that Tuesday, as she was sobbing about evil in the world, I told her that in my travels I have seen what Corporate America does to Third World countries to claim their resources and that is definitely evil.  That greedy, envious evil was symbolized in those twin towers.  Then I told her that the Pentagon was an entire bureaucracy dedicated to how to better, more effectively and more efficiently kill more and more people.  What could be more evil than that, I asked her.  So, I agreed with her that there was evil in the world, I just perceived that the world's greatest symbols of the evils man will do to another had been attacked that Tuesday by people pushed to the point of complete hopelessness as a perceived result of Corporate Imperialism backed by the only remaining superpower.  That perception was not terribly flawed, though.

So, if there comes a showdown at the UN where half the world stands and provides evidence that there were treasonous elements in an administration already filled to the gills with Iran Contra cronies that should have swung for treason before Bill Clinton took the Democratic Iran Contra players to bat for 8 years instead of returning to power with George W Bush, don't expect the corporate media to accurately report their own complicity, that would not be in their bottom line's best interest at all.  But, if the world stands up in the UN and says no more of this War of Terror born from that terribly traumatic Tuesday twelve years ago because the 19 hijackers weren't the true masterminds trying to orchestrate perpetual war profits (peace may sell, but wars make far more profits), will you still blindly follow the beating of the war drums into a world war because of your conditioning into the greatest of deceptions: the belief that Armageddon is inevitable?

However, as all this may be, let me be adamant that I don't really care about 9/11.  During W's first days, I knew we were in for something big because of two names he nominated that may not have needed Congressional approval (I wish my memory were good enough to state that with accuracy right now).  When John Negroponte was appointed as Ambassador to the United Nations, I knew something major was coming because I remembered his role in Iran Contra as Ambassador to Honduras.  The other name W appointed that I remembered from the old Iran Contra days was Elliot Abrams.  Granted, there were many other major Iran Contra players in W's administration, but his father had pardoned Abrams on Christmas Eve 1992 before charges could even be pressed for obstruction of justice and perjury to Congress for his testimony concerning Iran Contra activities.  Would the same bureaucrats that believed our national security and interests were in fighting communism and didn't care to see that the crack used to fund the Contra war was destroying our national security, would they care if a few thousand people died to generate perpetual war profits like were had during the Cold War?

What part of medieval life is missing from the pieces in chess?  The banks aren't represented in any of the pieces.  No, the bank is represented by the board all play upon.  Banks gets kings in debt in building a war machine.  When the primary industry is building weapons in an economy, how long can any period of economic growth last?  How long can anyone debt finance a war machine and never use it?  What other industry exists where the idea is to build up a huge inventory - just in case - but where that inventory should never be used?  You can only debt finance a war machine so long until you either must radically deplete inventory levels (including human inventories) or the system of governance fails through bankruptcy.  So long as corporations involved in building a war machine can earn large returns on investment, there can be no lasting peace.  So long as war remains profitable to a few families that never lose family members in any war, there will never be any lasting peace on this earth.

If we hope to ever win the human race, we had best learn how to see through the agendas and propaganda.  If you don't question everything, you will know nothing and believe anything.  Isn't it time we began finding ways to profit from our evolution instead of our extinction?  That is not in the interests of those controlling the world's capital and wealth, but they can't seem to see how their actions are choosing extinction over evolution.  I wish them godspeed and the best of luck to reach their goal of extinction before I awake tomorrow so that I can be left to pursue the human evolutionary cocoon unhindered by those choosing extinction.

Evolve or die!
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