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Sunday, August 25, 2013

The question of zero

Chapter 23 (excerpt)

Pythagorean, zero, logic, conditioning, gnosticism
The Question of Zero

His Pythagorean Initiative (pi - ∏) was one of the most contested by people afraid of such a major change in the most common of reality tunnels, but it was victorious.  The suicide hotlines had been infested with people that could not go on if there were no such thing as zero and negative numbers!  When he questions everything he has ever been taught, that includes everything.  The problem is not in the 1%, it is in the 80+% of the 99% that fear changing the system, no matter how rigged against them the system was designed.

He started that lesson with a number line and then crossed that line perpendicularly and labeled them.  Instead of using zero and negatives he used positive, real, numbers, and used letters instead of negatives.  By doing this he was able to demonstrate that the very concept of zero and negatives, no matter how useful and logical to indicate spatial relationships, do not really exist.  He was attacking a foundation of everyones’ interpretation of reality they had been conditioned to accept!  …  Yet, he insisted that the origin represented the consciousness aware enough to plot: the monad or holon.  (The finite that evolves into the infinite; the duality in the very idea of one, the merging of both the finite unit and the unified universe.)

Immediately after the visual demonstration of how else a graph can be done without negative numbers and calling the center by its name: the origin, he returned to explaining the world through the ideas of gnostic dualism and the dialectic of evolution.  He explained the world of conscious man as being an incomplete dialectic of the very concept of zero.  First there was no idea of zero, or nothing, then there was.  As Nietzsche had claimed that it is time to revalue all values, should that not also apply to the valueless?  In the thousands of years of recorded history without any zeroes, are we so certain about this idea of zero, that we have had for less time than the religion of Christ?  Which construct of reality had done more damage, the atrocities committed to worship the man who said to turn the other cheek (because those claiming to follow the teachings of turning the other cheek have conducted some of the most inhumane atrocities in recorded history), or the holistic impact of the concept of zero and negatives which underlie all cultures?  Some felt their ears bleed during that Evening Lesson; eventually, their intellectual heirs will be considered the heretics, but he was the radical when he presented that heresy.

Once one has accepted the reality of gnosis, and it can take many forms: his was blended with Hermeticism, then one realizes that the cells of their body are jail cells imprisoning DNA - this physical world is a prison.  But, in his heretical Evening Lessons where he condemned zero as a perfect tool of the Demiurge to keep mankind imprisoned in their ignorance instead of achieving the Gene-I-Us that is their latent destiny, he proved too radical for most.  Although they would eventually come to know its truth, adults especially, had a difficult time grasping that wisdom at first because it was such a foundation stone of their old paradigm.

Anything that perpetuates the divine spark to be imprisoned with reincarnating, instead of achieving enlightenment, is a tool of Satan - the Prince of this World - engineering stupidity to keep the world full of the faithful.  The ‘creator’ of this world, at best, is an immature being that needs humanity to show it how to mature into benevolent wisdom.  Our creator is our nemesis and we must bring our creator back to the divine light from which he fell.  It appears to be up to humanity to get that asshole to repent, and his Evening Lessons served as the catalyst to the eventual repentance of the most horrid monster ever known, that created this hell and then sold the idea of their being a heaven - for believers!  Belief kills knowledge.  One will lead to wisdom, gnosis, illumination and enlightenment, the other leads to crusades, jihad and 9/11.  But, he was arguing that the belief that because something is logical does not automatically dictate that that logic be a part of reality, and there are certain personalities that cannot even accept that they have a belief in zero because it is so logically true they believe they know it.

Zero, and the negatives it creates, are useful, logical tools, but the tool used to make the machine is not the machine.  Occam’s Razor demands simplicity.  If one is to believe anything, it should be that by gaining enough knowledge, one can gain the wisdom to attain enlightenment and merge with the Divine Light, instead of being trapped in a cycle of physical incarnations, yet that path has traditionally been the harder path to tread than believing in the religions of the creator: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  He had all the proof he needed that his body was a prison for his soul every time his psoriasis hurt his face, let alone his broken back and the muscular problems stemming from it.  He loved his mind, his soul, his heart and his spirit, but hated his skin, bones and muscles.  No wonder gnosticism appealed to him?

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