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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Roswell: another American 4th of July tradition

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Happy Birthday to the Roswell Incident of July 4th, 1947.

Douglas Dietrich, as an Army Research Librarian attached to Lt Col Michael Aquino at the Presidio, claims that "Roswell" was the pinnacle of the military career of the founder of the Temple of Set - as in the belief in ETs being the psyop that he gave birth (or Mindwar might be the more accurate term since he had co-authored a paper for the War College using such a term will  Paul Vallely - who became one of the primary Fox News military pundits along with Oliver North during W's administration months before that Tuesday morning) during his time in the Army Reserves Psychological Warfare Division stationed at the Presidio in San Francisco.

If you don't know the name "Michael Aquino" and his relationship with the "Temple of Set" and Lavey's "Church of Satan", as well as his career position in the US Army Reserves, including his co-authoring "From PsyOp to Mindwar" with one of Fox News' primary military pundits before 9/11 during W's administration.  Once you read, and grasp that position paper for the War College, you should have an eureka moment if you think about the lead up to war in Iraq and the media.

Unless we can discredit Douglas Dietrich with logical deductions about what agendas he might have in creating disinformation concerning Michael Aquino's work for Army PsyOps, we had better pay attention to what he says.  He claims to have burned many top secret documents, and if he was, indeed, attached to Aquino at the Presidio, anf claims the belief in UFOs, and ETs coming from Roswell are a psyop from the mind of Michael Aquino using the primary agents to spread the psyop like Corso (The Day After Roswell) and Stanton Friedman (from almost every UFO show on TV), we should probably give his thoughts as being some of the highest merit.

What would be his agenda of discussing his time working attached to Acquino in uniform, but not in religious robes, and making such a claim about Roswell and Acquino?  He claims his mother died under suspicious conditions as he left to deliver a presentation about Roswell at the Conspiracy Con in 2011, during the half hour her nurses were between shifts before he got back home.  He makes a valid point when he claimed Stanton Friedman has never come home to a dead relative after discussing the UFO hypothesis, but he did after discussing the belief in ETs and UFOs over the past few decades as being part of a successful psychological operation by what Ike called the Military Industrial Complex and some of its most obviously nefarious psychological strategists.

Maybe he is an agent of a group countering the Temple of Set, like a counter reformation from the Church of Satan, but after listening to my first interview of him, he might be one of the most important people to hear what he has to say.

Again, question everything, but if you don't know Michael Aquino, then you don't know how important this information might prove to be.

If you don't question everything, you will know nothing and believe anything.

Temple of Set founder Dr Michael Aquino and his wife, Lillith

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