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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pt 4 of Chapter 13: the prophecy revealed

hemp for victory, Michael Howard, My First 100 Days, Part 4 of Chapter 13, Please Use the Evolving Door, the evolving door, The Great Seal of the US, the Illuminati, The Occult Conspiracy
If you have not connected yourself, as the pyramid, with your own Eye in the Triangle, and drawn it down to you ...

Before we proceed to my interpretation of the Great Seal, we shall explore one more pro-occult author’s comments.  In 1989 The Occult Conspiracy was published.  Its author was Michael Howard; its subtitle is The Power of Secret Societies in World History.  

On page 84 he claims that it is a bald eagle, but that the bald eagle is associated with Scorpio: hence associated with death and rebirth, sex and procreation.  In the talons are found opposing forces of war (arrows) and peace (olive branches), the opposing forces of dualism.

Describing an occult interpretation of E Pluribus Unum that all gods are the one god, instead of its general interpretation of the 13 colonies being the many and the new, independent government being the one.  
Before leaving the page we are informed that the MDCCLXXVI not only was the year of the revolution, but also the formation of foundation of Weishaupt’s Bavarian Illuminati.  The 13 steps to the pyramid are described as being the thirteen colonies.
Page 86
“In occultism the truncated pyramid represents the loss of the Ancient Wisdom which occurred when the Christian Church achieved political power and began to repress the old pagan religions which were driven underground into secret societies.  In Ancient Egypt, when the pyramids were used as initiation chambers, each pyramid had a special capstone made either from natural crystal or an alloy of precious metals.  This capstone attracted cosmic rays and occult forces which created the right conditions for the initiate inside the pyramid’s inner chamber to experience spiritual illumination.”

Concerning  Norvus Ordo Seclorum:

“On another level from the Masons and Rosicrucians, who were behind the creation of the new nation, the words ‘New Order’ would either refer to the replacing of the monarchistic rule with republicanism or to the New Age of Aquarius.”

Page 87
“The occult conspirators believed that America would play an important role in the transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age, this transition spanning a period of 250 years, from the American Revolution of 1776 to the year 2025 CE.”
Now that we have had a chance to explore our forgotten history, as well as what occult writers publish about the symbolism on the Great Seal of the United States, let’s take a new look.
On the obverse side we find, an eagle, from its beak is a banner with the Latin: E Pluribus Unum (many are the parts of the whole/one).  I think it is safe to say that, especially with how Mr Howard links the eagle with Scorpio; therefore, with resurrection is enough to assume that the eagle is just a symbol for the phoenix.  A great bird that dies in flame, only to be reborn.  The question, then, is what is the ‘phoenix’ being represented?
Applying a Hegelian approach, we see a thesis in the olive branch of peace.  Contrast this with the antithesis of the arrows of war.  Where is the synthesis?  E Pluribus Unum.  What is the one?  What if the ‘one’ is a metaphysical explanation for the external dimension?  What is a battery?  E Pluribus Unum.  Out of the opposites arises a new creature.  What is a child?  E Pluribus Unum.  Out of the opposites arises a new creature.  How is the phoenix born?  Out of the ashes from the self-made funeral pyre; life relinquishing itself in fire to be born anew.  Out of the spiraling opposites of ida and pingala arises the central sushumna.
The counting games of feathers on the wings might prove interesting, but that is minor in interpretation.  Those are just superfluous adjectives to the subject and predicate.  The key symbolism is most obvious: rebirth and opposites.  The repetition of thirteen in stripes, letters and the stars that make up the ‘Star of David’ at the top are pretty logical to apply because there were thirteen colonies.  Yes, 13 is a significant occult number, but so is the Pythagorean 3-4-5 right triangle.  Thirteen colonies = thirteen arrows, etc…  But what is rising from the ashes upon the merger of the thirteen into one?  The answer may well lie behind the question on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States.
Let us return, briefly, to what Mr Howard just told us about the reverse.  Its importance cannot be understated.
Page 86
“In occultism the truncated pyramid represents the loss of the Ancient Wisdom which occurred when the Christian Church achieved political power and began to repress the old pagan religions which were driven underground into secret societies.  In Ancient Egypt, when the pyramids were used as initiation chambers, each pyramid had a special capstone made either from natural crystal or an alloy of precious metals.  This capstone attracted cosmic rays and occult forces which created the right conditions for the initiate inside the pyramid’s inner chamber to experience spiritual illumination.”

Concerning  Norvus Ordo Seclorum:

“On another level from the Masons and Rosicrucians, who were behind the creation of the new nation, the words ‘New Order’ would either refer to the replacing of the monarchistic rule with republicanism or to the New Age of Aquarius.”

Page 87
“The occult conspirators believed that America would play an important role in the transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age, this transition spanning a period of 250 years, from the American Revolution of 1776 to the year 2025 CE.”
A New Order replacing the tyranny of monarchy with republicanism.  The liberation of man from the tyranny of another.  This was the cause that led to our ‘freedoms’ the god-given rights to fuck-up our own lives instead of having some fucked-up king or pope fuck-up our lives for us.  Man is equal to other men: none should bow nor curtsey to any king or queen - we are all our own sovereigns!  
The truncated pyramid does represent the loss of the Ancient Wisdom.  If we take the eye in the triangle to be the single eye Jesus spoke of (before 1888 when he miraculously changed his mind via a new translation), then we now have the key to understanding what that Ancient Wisdom was and a myriad of doors to unlock with that key.  This eye, indeed, represents the divine eye and our lost communion with the divine.  Like the arrows and olive branches, we have dualism represented by the eye of the divine (spirituality) versus the pyramid below (materialism).
The loss of the Ancient Wisdom, represents the fall of man from his divine, post-terrestrial future/past into the slower dimensions of physicality represented by the bricks of the pyramid.  The 72 stones, spread across thirteen levels, represent the 72 possible arrangements of the four letters that compose the name of the god of the Biblical Hebrews.  I believe this to be correct because I believe this ‘god’ to be the one who has tricked our souls into this slower frequency of existence in this physical world.  Our essence is of the divine light: a much higher frequency.  A divine light that still escapes DNA in bursts of green photons.  We fell from our essence into this prison of DNA, and it is our life’s mission to unravel our DNA.  There must be some kind of way out of here!  Wizen up and migrate off-world for the next part of infinity!
If one strand of DNA, if it were unfurled, would stand over six feet tall, then is it not, truly, faster-than-light communication to have a stubbed toe register in the brain?  How many curled-up miles of DNA would compose just the nerves between the toe and the brain?  By being curled-up, the information must be passed differently than lineally through each coil of DNA.  Like a field encompassing the six foot double helix.  I demand science to prove me right or wrong, but I believe that information can travel faster-than-light.
Whether it be in the length of time it takes to feel a stubbed toe, or those rare instances of telepathic communication, information can be transmitted non-locally and outside of time.  I just had a recent episode.  While picking up litter on a Sunday as a campground host, I was in the site that one of my best friends had on Friday.  I knew they were going to be passing back by on Sunday; probably to spend another night, but I hadn’t heard from him, yet.  Before the next minute was up my cell phone was ringing.  As I was retrieving it, I saw that it was him.  He had passed by recently to see if he could get a site for the family about a dozen miles down the coast, but was calling to see if they could be my guests since the other park was full.  I was not surprised that he began to dial me at the precise moment that I was walking into a site that made me think of him.  With the length of time to dial and to go through it took a moment for me to receive his voice, but we were communicating instantaneously brain to brain.  I thought of him as he was dialing me.  That is how life works when you get in tune with people.
Yes, the MDCCLXXVI does stand for the year of the Declaration of Independence.  This overt declaration, however, came upon the heels of a congruent, but covert, declaration.  An ocean away from the despot, George III, the colonists had distance from the throne to their advantage.  This advantage was not shared elsewhere by like-minded individuals desiring an end to the tyrannical rule of kings and popes.  Although Martin Luther nailed his thesis inside what is now the country of Germany, in his day there was no single country.  There were many kingdoms.  The age of the kingdoms ended in the last quarter of the nineteenth century in modern day Germany.
The world-famous Neuschawnstein Castle (the inspiration for Disneyland’s) outside Füssen was never finished before ‘mad’ King Ludwig II was found dead, and the sovereign state of Bavaria became part of the German amalgamation.  Bavaria was the last bastion of Catholicism in Germany, being so close to the ‘Holy’ Emperors of Austria that Luther’s protest never took hold.  During the age of kings, in a land still swearing allegiance to the Vatican, the same lusts for human liberty that energized the revolutionary movement in the colonies a world away found their outlet.  On May 1st, 1776, a man known as Adam Weishaupt (Adam = first man; Weis = Wise; Haupt = central, i.e. Hauptbanhof = central/main train station: the first man of main wisdom?), went public with what became known as the Bavarian Illuminati.
Even in John Robinson’s Proofs of a Conspiracy in 1797, it was reported that the goals of the Illuminati were to abolish Christianity and overturn civil government.  What was so civil about the kings of that era?  The Magna Carta was not in effect outside England.  Were churches really doing souls good?  The abolition of needing an intermediary to intervene between you and the divine is not a bad thing.  The replacing of ‘civil’ government with a representative republic of sovereigns instead of ruled subjects is not a bad thing.  But those who profit from the systems of control that support church and state will attack anyone who desires to liberate man from the shackles of hierarchy.
Under the yoke of Catholicism and a crowned despot, open revolution was an impossibility for an extremely minute minority of liberty-minded Bavarians.  Even the American Revolution was being fought with only about ⅓ of the colonists in support of the concept of independence.  Was the American Revolution triggered by the May 1st declaration of Weishaupt?  Since fighting broke out a year before, and it had been years since the Tea Party in Boston Harbor, it is safe to say that they were exclusive of each other.  Maybe not mutually exclusive, but exclusive.  Those engaging in open revolution against their king need not conspire anymore about how to liberate people from king or pope: they are doing it.  Those engaged in actively bringing about these changes need no secret handshakes; however, they will probably use codes and ciphers to transmit sensitive information down the lines.
It should not be surprising, then, to see the same symbol of the truncated pyramid be used by people desiring the same objective: the liberation of man from other men’s tyrannies.  Yes, this symbol was used by the Bavarian Illuminati, but that does not mean it doesn’t have a specific meaning for this land: a prophecy of the coming evolution of man.  Freemasonry was the means of conspiring against George III safely until open revolution began.  It was from a Masonic meeting that the conspirators came to the harbor with the intent of throwing all the tea into the sea.  There was a security in the secrecy of the lodge in those days.  I cannot imagine that all the lodges in the British Isles then were full of anti-royalist revolutionaries, but on this continent it was a safe place to meet and dream, plot, and conspire for liberty from a distant king.
The Latin on the reverse claims that He has favor on our endeavor.  The he is the divine, so what is the great endeavor?  The New Order of the Ages: the end of man’s tyrannical rule over other men.  Prometheus has stolen the flame and his great work is to give it to man.  The Old World Order are the tyrannies being overthrown, the New World Order must be its opposite, men being sovereigns of their own lives: true liberation from all despotic tyrannies.
Taken together, the obverse and the reverse of the Great Seal speak of a prophecy: the coming resurrection, the rebirth of the phoenix, the synthesis of opposites.  The destiny set out for this land, and its peoples, is to bring about the knowledge to unite the pyramid (the physical) with its capstone (the spiritual eye).  Scientific proof of the existence of god.  E Pluribus Unum.  It will take all the sciences, working in concert, to achieve this great task: the mass awakening of the ‘third’ eye.  We are the dust of the stars above the eagle’s head, and getting back to that state is our destiny.  It is a metaphysical journey of mystical death and resurrection, and no real adventures are easy.
The Great Seal of the United States is not to be feared!  The shadows have grown long from the Old World Order.  They know their time is up, but they still feel they will succeed in holding onto their tyrannical grasp of man.  They are the ones who are conspiring to keep you in a frequency of fear, fear about the destiny of man.  It is the destiny of man to wisely rule himself, are you in?  Elevate your vibrations to the heart and mind, instead of having someone else keep you vibrating in your base instincts.
Outside of Elberton, Georgia stands an anonymous monument known as the Georgia Guidestones.  It is not some internet hoax, for I have been there.  It was dedicated by one R. C. Christian (a pseudonym).  The first guideline is to control and maintain the world’s population at 500,000,000 in perfect balance with nature.  Is this a declaration of a population reduction policy, or could it have been a monument to the survivors of a nuclear holocaust of the Cold War going hot in 1980?  However, there might be an esoteric meaning, as well?
It is not a great leap to make R. C. Christian stand for Christian Rosy Cross, or the Rosicrucians.  Remembering what has been said about its etymology and the dew of light, or this new brain secretion, maybe the first guideline is mathematically the critical mass for evolution?  Let’s just postulate that there are 50,000 people on Earth that have produced this dew and that only about half of them can do it on command.  If this is part of really using your brain, then a staggering minority are the only ones using their brains anywhere near capacity.  However, what if the numbers that know the taste of this secret secretion, were to grow to be 500,000,000?  Is this the number needed of awakened minds to achieve the ‘100th monkey’ scenario?  If the war between secret societies is about this secretion, how many are fighting on each side?  5,000 per side?  Imagine what 500,000,000 people operating at a very high frequency could achieve!
As we enter this coming age of Aquarius, we are faced with a choice.  We can either choose to remain in a damaging frequency imposed upon us by others, or we can do the hardest, but most rewarding work, raising our own frequencies and those around us to base ourselves firmly inside our hearts.  A warm heart ruling over an awakened mind: this is mankind’s future - if we choose it!  We can remain in a state of fear if we desire extinction, or we can elevate ourselves to love and trigger the coming evolution.
We have been here before, for time is a cycle; will we succeed this time?  The prophecy contained in the Great Seal also contains the proper mixing between Eastern and Western philosophies.  If only the westward explorers were open-minded and peaceful, we could have already re-embraced our destiny instead of criminalizing it.  East can only join West through the shaman, but instead, it was the shaman who was the biggest heretic to the Conquistadors and the Pilgrims.  It is not too late to apply science to the techniques and tools of the shaman.   If you are not satisfied with using your brain in a limited capacity (impulse engines), then you need to find some of the keys to unlock the dormant parts.  Why would god ever create your brain specifically to work with certain plants, flowers, vines, fungus, etc…  and then curse you from using your brain the way it was meant to be used?  The true god would never punish the pinnacle of creation by trying to explore further the unlocked dimensions inside the human skull!  Only those imposing a satanic hierarchy of control would limit, or criminalize, the very tools created to aid in teaching you the combination to release more of your divine spark.  The unholy trinity of white man’s curse (The Catholic Church, the crown of colonial England, and expanding/imperial America) almost completely eradicated the natives, their history, heritage and world-views.
Man’s history on this planet is vastly greater than widely taught.  If the first white explorers, in recorded history, to this hemisphere had been psychonaunts coming to learn from the shaman, then man might have already evolved by finding the keys to the western religious traditions through eastern metaphysics.  The creation mythos in the Popol Vuh confirm this thesis, to me.  The association of the color green with both the heart of heaven and the heart of earth, as explained above, equates east and west: the prismatic rainbow body is another view of the same light body.  If the first arrivals had been interested in the effects of native flora instead of killing the indigenous human fauna for not being Catholic, if they had wanted to learn, instead of burn the local books, we might have succeeded in stamping out war and oppression by now.
LSD, once, was the greatest potential tool for psychiatrists and psychologists to help the patient confront the things that needed to be confronted.  Without being in a therapeutic setting, the confrontation of these shadows is known as a ‘bad trip’.  It is like the cave Luke enters in The Empire Strikes Back - you only face what you take in, and some people have a lot of negative they take in with them.  The shaman was the ancient, primitive psychiatrist: applying a self-reflective medicine and guiding the patient through the experience of confronting our own shadow,
A battle was being waged in the 60s, a battle for the mind.  One of the greatest secrets was being revealed: the true understanding of the High Priest and the instruments of neurological initiation.  There were forces working to enlighten humanity with one of the greatest tools known to help man better ourselves by confronting the parts of the soul we fear to face.  However, the forces out to keep that information suppressed wielded their power and made it illegal.  
One of Dr Leary’s greatest fears was going to realized: black market, bath tub LSD.  He testified in front of the Senate that he believed it should be kept being made by pharmaceutical companies and regulated by doctors who know how to provide the right set and setting instead of being made illegal where, no doubt, an unregulated black market supply would arise.  It was after this black market took hold that bad trips and poisonings occurred.  The brown acid of Woodstock was, most definitely, not pharmaceutical grade.  And I have never done pharmaceutical grade, so I speak like a virgin talking about sex.  Oh sure, I can talk about the blow-job of black market doses, but can’t really comment upon the true LSD-25.  Dr Leary, after his fall from grace, reported that, even Owsley’s acid was not quite as pure and mystical (religious, if you will) as what he was using when he was at Harvard.
The forces of control won that battle; most importantly the psy-op of making generations view some of the most holy of sacraments as ‘recreational drugs’.  It is time to bring back that 60s neurological revolution, but with editing out what was wrong and did not work and adding some new, and old things.  We now know about COINTELPRO so we should always be on the lookout for agent provacateurs trying to discredit a movement.  Many banners were dropped after the ending of the draft to Vietnam, but some of those wrongs being protested have yet to be righted.
I believe the destiny of this country lies in a loose confederation of cooperative, collective, communes, each united around a central belief system (doesn’t have to be my cosmology unless science proves it) to act as the adhesive of the local culture.  Each local unit would have its own aspects of production to meet the needs of the whole.  It would not do well for every community to produce the same products: a closet full of shoes won’t do you any good if you need a pair of pants.  If there truly are over 15,000 uses for industrial hemp, a sustainable economy could be reached where everyone inside the economy would prosper.
An agricultural based industrial society: growing our own most important raw material.  Since the hemp seed can travel so far to pollinate a female plant, there would need to be a natural division between where hemp is grown, versus where those female flowers are grown to avoid this cross-pollination.  Our future economy lies in the fertile lands between the two great mountain ranges upon our continent.  
Between the Appalachian and the Rocky Mountains we will, once again, grow HEMP FOR VICTORY.  In every interstate median, foreclosed yard, and idle field will be planted hemp for seed, specifically for fuel.  All the land currently subsidized to not be grown upon will be planted with hemp.  It may take several seasons to get the right combination of hemp for seed versus for fiber for the economy, but there should be enough for all.  From the mountains to the oceans will be grown that most holy of sacraments: the female flowering cannabis.
A new dawn shall rise over this continent.  A dawn of such brilliance that, once more, we will be viewed as a great beacon of hope for mankind.  In terms of cultures around the world, we are on the edge of maturity.  We are on the cusp between unbearable teenage arrogance and maturity: the world needs for U.S. to grow up!!!  If we can finally grow up to be a mature culture, we can lead the world through the coming transition.  We are approaching the end of an age: and the Catholics couldn’t burn the Mayan Calendar stone, so that is one aspect of their religion that cannot be discredited.  Their ancient calendar possessed an accuracy that has only been modernly rivaled with computers.
Yes, it does have this age of man coming to an end, but that does not mean the end of the world!  This age of man will end, and a new age will begin.  I believe that we are returning to what was once referred to the world over as a Golden Age.  We need to prepare for it.  This coming golden age will be the fruition of the ancient dream of resurrecting Atlantis from the ashes of ignorance, and we are still too ignorant.  The time is nigh; we must increase our intelligence and now.  The Philosopher’s Kingdom shall only come to earth as man becomes more philosophic.  Don’t just buy my cosmology, create your own!  (But mine does make sense, at least to me and that is all that matters, make one better if you can.)
Yes, Plato’s Republic has a slave class, but not everyone has the personality for leadership.  Some are born followers.  Forcing them through a change in personality to become one of the Philosopher Kings is worse a sin (forcing anything upon someone - especially a change in personality), than benevolently ruling over them.  This is the difference between our current ‘born’ leaders (George W, Obama, Clinton(s)… ) and the true fruition of the ancient dream of the philosopher being ruler.
This is not a megalomanical attempt of extremists bent on global domination - we already have that in the Old World Order.  It seems that every violent revolution goes from violence against the ruling government straight into the murdering of the intellegensia.  The lure of power is too great for those unfit, so they kill those that are fit.  An ideal world is designed around the principle of the just reward.  In my years waiting tables, I have witnessed incompetent ownership in several restaurants.  Their fathers might have known how to run a successful business, but the sons that inherit them generally don’t.  If this is in one generation, can you image the ineptness that must be rampant among inbred banking dynasties?
This new economy will also have its educational system.  As opposed to using standardized tests to get out of school, one will be used before starting school: the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator.  We shall segregate each of the sixteen personality types so that each group can be taught in the way best suited for their ingrain abilities.  The primary lessons will be learning about their personality type: their natural abilities and weaknesses.  First they shall learn that there are fifteen other ways of seeing the world, and that each class is the same type.  They will learn about themselves first, and then they will learn about other types, followed by introducing classes for interaction, after being taught the differences in inherent world-views as determined by the MBTI.
They will interact with other types outside of the classroom, but the first two years will be in teaching the child about its own personality type, and teaching a foundation to its type (by a teacher of their own type).  After these years of learning about their own type, they will spend the next three years learning about the others while still being segregated by type in ‘elementary’ school.  Middle school would consist of four years of intermingling of common factors.  There would be a school uniform of some fashion to have each child show their type, so as they learned math (i.e. Among the thinkers), they can recognize the other traits to their classmates which share the same trait.
High school would be designed around teaching ways to organize the personality types to achieve maximum potential by a complete mixing of personality types.  By the time of graduation, everyone knows themselves well enough to know their weaknesses (and strengths).  They should also know which personality type’s strengths compensates for their weaknesses.  In addition to knowing how to reinforce their natural weakness by another’s natural strength, they should have learned how to recognize other types and be able to communicate clearly with others.
While I am dreaming of the ideal world: upon graduation, the young adult will enter the world of work in either retail or restaurant in a position that deals with the public.  After one year of working in such fashion, they will travel internationally for the next year.  Upon these experiences (dealing with the public and being the stranger in the strange land) they should be a little better prepared to make decisions about their future.  If international travel were mandated to a generation of young adults, our culture would mature in that generation.  We would find ourselves back in the global spotlight as the beacon of hope: inspiring the billions to aspire to their own liberation.  A global collection of a loose confederation of cooperative communes.  With those that have the acreage to be growing their own domestic economic crop of hemp in surplus.  
By being the first nation to create a renewable economy based around the dual aspects of the cannabis plant (religion and economy), we will end unemployment domestically beginning a domino effect of a global hemp industry which should result, so long as exports of abundant raw materials are freely traded, as well as an eradication of war.  Innovation in industrial uses and efficiency may likely come from countries too small to adequately grow their own hemp.  To keep any government from desiring to acquire land, once the world begins growing hemp for victory, then there must be an excess harvest for export to sustain world peace.  Only raw materials and patents will be traded internationally; for the patent might be exchanged for raw materials.  This should eliminate some of the causes of wars, but it would take international self-governance to ensure that there is no blockading of exports to or from anywhere nor high-sea piracy.
Hemp for victory.  Marijuana for communing with God.  Hemp for a new economy.  Pot for the true God.  Thesis,  Antithesis.  Male seed.  Female flower.  Once we apply this dialectic to our reality, we will create a new synthesis!  The ancient dream of the philosophers will come true: the most just will rule justly.  One man may be just, but that does not mean his descendants will be.  The ‘Divine Right of Kings’ is an affront to the true God.  The true God does not favor any one bloodline over another.  Just like the real universal (catholic) religion is completely unlike that perpetuated by the Roman Catholic Church.  The true God has never shown any favoritism to any color, creed, family or tribe in the ancient world.  Any such claims should reveal themselves to be of the antithesis of the true God.
We have a destiny to fulfill.  One predicted on the Great Seal.  Before the phoenix can arise, the eye in the triangle must be connected to the pyramid.  It is our mission to find our own capstone and complete our cosmic temple.  We are the unfinished pyramid.  We are the pawns with the latent powers of the queen.  If we can only march all the way across the board then we can learn to freely move.  The time is here to teach the pawns that they have that power before they risk their lives racing across the board.  The resurrection of mankind to its truest essence is at stake, just like the queen lies dormant in every pawn.  This was the esoteric reason for the founding of this land: the completion of the temple, the illumination of mankind.  If we succeed in completing this great dream, then the world will follow our example.
I have laid out my interpretation of the Great Seal, and its New World Order is not to be feared (except those supporting the tyrannies of the Old World Order).  Maybe I am just being optimistic, but maybe, just maybe, if we do collectively create reality, what would happen if we consciously chose which consensus reality we consent to create?  What if, with enough people dreaming the same dream, can that dream come true?  If that is the case, do you dream a selfish dream, or one for the best of mankind?  My dream of a new reality will not be for all, is it for you?  If not, what is your dream: your ideal?  In my dream, you can have your own community of like-minded dreamers, so long as you can peaceable trade your specialty for my community’s specialty.  Does your dream have that benevolence?  

We are the generations of change, but it is a change that comes by thoughts, deeds, actions and intents, not by hoping.  It is a change in world-views.  It is the changing of science and religion into a new vision of man.  A changing to seeing a ‘battery’ every time we encounter polar opposites.  A change to recognizing the invisible electro magnetic field is what is real about the battery, not the metallic cylinder.  Positive cannot exist without negative, but we can recognize that the battery is more than its extremes.  The times ahead will be trying, but if approached with selfless love as our motivation, we will find ourselves evolved into another golden age of man.  The eyes of our capstones will be in place upon our pyramids.  Doing so, we will regain the ancient wisdom and our place among the stars.

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... your Phoenix can never be born anew, balanced between all extremes and radiating a Crown of Glory.

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