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Part Three of Chapter 13

The Gateway of the Sun Tihuanacu, Bolivia

Arthur Posnansky spent over forty years in the Andes: especially in and around Lake Titicaca excavating and learning.  He is another heretic that must be ignored at all costs, or new history must be written.

Page 1
“Today this region is at a very great height above sea-level.  In remote periods it was lower and possessed climatic conditions conducive to the creation and the well-being of large human groups.”

Page 3
“Man has been in the world much longer than present-day science supposes.  With more or less the same appearance that he has now, he lived in the Tertiary Period.”

11th Edition Encyclopedia Britannica
Volume 26
Page 661 Tertiary
“As the period advanced, along the very line that had been occupied by the nummulitic sea (Tethys) the crust began to be folded up, giving rise to the Alps, Carpathians, Caucasus, Himalayas and other mountains, some of the early Tertiary marine formations being now found raised more than 16,000 ft. above the present level of the sea.”

Page 5
“Hundreds of thousands of years would have been required for those few human specimens to reproduce without interruption before they could give rise to millions of settlers possessing an extremely high grade of culture like that which from time immemorial existed on the great plateaus of the Americas.”

Page 6
“No, the myth of the Bering invasion must be discarded.”

Page 27
“It is very probable that underneath the waters of the lake (Titicaca) there still rest a considerable number of remains and traces of extremely old populations.”

Page 29
“The chemical composition of the water of Lake Titicaca is still similar to that of the sea,...”

Page 31
“Everything points to the fact that in another period the climate was more benign and the vegetation so abundant that it reached almost as far as the highest peaks of the mountain ridges which thrust up from the Altiplano.”

Page 32
“The very cult of the tit, (puma, tiger, mountain cat) or, perhaps, of a great feline and other quadrupeds now extinct, so much exhibited and drawn on the monuments of this period and on all the sculpture, shows without doubt that on the shores of the lake there lived felines greatly feared by the inhabitants.”

Page 49
“The observations and investigations of the author of this work, a graduate in many fields of science, who has studied in the terrain during almost a half century, cannot be compared with those of travelers who for a few days or, at the most for a few weeks, take a quick turn through the Altiplano and its environs.”
Or, as I have called them, Armchair Academic Archaeologists, tenured with an orthodoxy that does not want to have its foundations shaken!  Especially when that foundation is anthropology being changed by archaeology, and archaeological findings that might seem to indicate that Solon was told the truth in Egypt about an anti-diluvian ‘Atlantis’.  No one likes to admit they were wrong in believing something they thought was right, and no respectable tenured professor believes there to have literally been an Atlantis as reported by Plato.  Especially when you have made a career out of, and have received tenure from, the orthodox belief, then you are one of the most reluctant to admitting you know nothing when the heresy proves true over the orthodoxy.

Page 55
“Walls, floor and roof were constructed of tiles which were marvelously encased one with another, carved and polished on the interior side of the construction.  They fit so exactly that the blade of a razor will not penetrate between one stone and another.”
“That the premature rain of Tihuanacu in the Third Period was the result of a cataclysm, is a fact proved beyond all doubt by the latest excavations.  This catastrophe was caused by seismical movements which resulted in an overflow of the waters of Lake Titicaca and in volcanic eruptions.”

Page 64/5
“Mention has already been made of the excavations which Georges Courty carried out in Tihuanacu with the permission and aid of the government.  These excavations were more harmful for the ruins than the destructive, millenary work of time... (65) A large number of highly valuable buildings were destroyed and lost irremissibly for the study of American archaeology.”

Page 68
“The marked erosion of the stones, in spite of the fact that they were covered with alluvial earth, is evidence of their great age, since thousands of years would have been necessary for time to wear them in such a manner.”  

The pictures clearly show how the corner exposed became greatly weathered compared to that which was buried.

Page 86
Concerning 1st Edition 1910 “... which was the result of studies carried on only until 1910, many aspects of the investigations have been impeded; but since work has continued intensely during the last thirty-three years, the solution to many problems has been found and thus a clear light has been cast on matters which until then seemed indecipherable enigmas.”

Page 87
“In light of the foregoing we shall again consider the greatest solar temple among the constructions which man has erected, not only in South America but, on the basis of our present knowledge, in the whole world.  The particularly interesting fact about it is that, due to its astronomical orientation, it has furnished a basis for arriving at an approximate calculation of the Age of Tihuanacu.”

Page 92
“The majority of the steps are carved in monolithic blocks of great weight.  The considerable decay caused by the weather is apparent on the surface of these stones.  This is in spite of the fact that this work was no doubt covered during a long period of time with a layer of alluvial earth.”

Page 107
“To judge by the ideograms which have been found, the ancient Tihuanacuans represented the earth as hollow...” My emphasis.

Page 109
“The sciences in those times were already cultivated by secret brotherhoods of the learned,... These very advanced groups of the Kholla race also exercised the duties of priests and, without any doubt, those groups which in the course of time came to acquire a marked power and influence imposed their religious ideas, constituted by an animism of cosmic philosophy, as well as their ideas about the form of the earth and the sky and their explanations of the phenomena of nature.”

Page 112
“It is the opinion of the author that the ideogram ‘Condor’ means at times ‘the bearer of the solar light and heat’; at other times ‘free movements through space’ and perhaps, some variant ideograms of this sign try to represent the thunderbolt.  The ideogram ‘Condor’ is also, as will be seen later on, an expression of hierarchy and a totem... However, all of them (various birds of prey) coincide in the ideas of hierarchy, light, heat, fire, the flight of the voice and the glance, and movement through space.”

Can we find a comparative symbolism in this condor ideogram with the ‘eagle’ (or phoenix) on the Great Seal?  Could this be preserving a great esoteric secret to posterity?

Page 123
“A truly surprisingly ideographic drawing is the sign ‘Winged Eye’; it is one of the most expressive symbolical ideographs, revealing with great precision how these prehistoric peoples translated their ideas by means of ideograms.”

Is this ‘winged eye’ any relation to what Jesus originally said in English about a single eye?  Only by tuning into this frequency of the single, or third, eye is the idea of soular flight achieved.  Whether it be  through sleep connecting you back to the subconscious reality via the dream state, or through various methods of meditation or sacraments to attune yourself, once the body has been filled with light, then soular travel, the out-of-body experience, can commence.

Page 137
“Today there is not the least doubt that in many such drawings it is a question of diurnal quadrupeds now extinct.  (Shelidoterium, toxodon, etc., whose skeletons are found in very modern alluvium).”

Page 140
“This sign is composed of a wing with four rows of superimposed semi-circles, with ‘blades.’  These rows end above the body of the principal figure in a ‘Joint’ sign.  In the same plate there is marked No. 3, a small wing with a ‘joint’ sign in its center.  This wing usually forms a part of the characteristic ‘Winged Eyes.’”

Page 145
“Behind the ear, perhaps depicting the hair hangs a ‘Condor’ head with a long neck.”

I envisioned that loose plate in the Subscription Edition to Mr Hall’s epic of the opening of the third eye when I read the above.

The Opening of the Third Eye
Mihran K. Seraillian©1926 Manly P Hall

Volume 2
Page 1
The Sun Door “... constitutes, in the three Americas, a unique cultural monument, eloquent evidence of the mental restlessness of Prehistoric Man, which furnishes unimpeachable testimony of the high and perfect stage of maturity attained by American civilization in a very remote period of humanity.”

Page 2
“For this purpose it was necessary to take into account the stylizations, not only of the zoological species living at the present time, but also those of the now extinct fauna which still existed in the period of Tihuanacu.”

Page 23
“... just as the tail, because of its peculiar configuration and the stylization of the swing feathers can only be that of a bird.  The body, stylized with a zigzag figure, stands for ‘movement‘ and has seven triangles within the hollow of that ‘z’.  In case these are not components of the sign ‘movement,’ their meaning is still unknown to us.  With regard to the ideogram to which, in the first edition of the first volume, we gave the meaning of ‘Feminine Sex,’  we now suppose, in the light of our more advance studies, that it is nothing more than an ideogram of the “Sun.’”

Page 28 Note 34
States the sun was not the Supreme Being.

Page 30 Note 37
“Transplanting ourselves to the period of Tihuanacu on an astronomical study globe, changing on it the position of the axis of the earth to the value it would have had then, it would be possible to indicate with a fair degree of accuracy the constellations most visible then; those which attracted attention and merited being perpetuated as signs which we may call ‘zodiacal signs of each month.’  Later we shall consider in more detail the question of the obliquity of the ecliptic in the time of Tihuanacu.”

Page 38
“...the builders of Tihuanacu perpetuated in it (the Sun Door) one of the most complex and important mysteries of the remote heraldic science.  This observation is based on the fact that THE DIAGONAL OF THE DOOR’S APERTURE SHOWS THE ANGLE OF THE OBLIQUITY OF THE ECLIPTIC OF THAT TIME, as will be shown later in greater detail.”

That angle is 24°30’.  Today it is more like 23°30’.

Page 39
“The examination of the whole of the block which constitutes the reverse side of the Sun Door, reveals superb architectonic reliefs with different levels.  The opening of the Door is wider on the side of the entrance than on that of the exit. Around this entrance one notes the typical staircase drawing of Tihuanacu, on which - in severe esthetic form and admirable architectural conception - there extended two rows which in turn form an architraved cornice.  Of these rows, the internal has three steps and the external two.”

Page 41
“It is possible to assert that after the Sun Door was erected provisionally in the place where we see it, it fell to the ground on its face for one reason or another and was covered with alluvial earth.  Much later, rain water laid bare one of its corners - the upper part on the right - and then that part was subjected to bad weather for many centuries, perhaps for thousands of years, and was rotted and destroyed by the erosive action of time, of moving sands and water.  It is on this account that the reverse of the Sun Door is more wasted away by erosion, as can be seen in the illustration of Fig. 11.”

Note 48
“There are those who believe that the great stones of Tihuanacu... are composed of a mass like cement which was prepared by the builders of Tihuanacu.”

There are those who believe that the great stones in Giza were poured, too.  In 1549, uno Cieza de Leon, did not see, or at least did not write about the Sun Door in his 1553 La Cronica del Peru.

Page 42
“It was this Commission (Spanish), without a doubt, which split the Sun Door and not the lightning as some chroniclers and travelers allege.”

Page 43
“The hieroglyphs and ideosymbolic inscriptions of the Sun Door are nothing less than the detailed descriptions of the calendarial functions of the building of Kalasasaya the highest point of which and the central axis of which was to form the uppermost part of a monumental wall, constructed around the sanctum sanatorium.”

Page 45
“This program was put in the hands of the state, which did not carry out the laws nor oblige any one else to do so, with the result that the vandalic destruction continued unpunished.  We have preserved a full graphic and literal documentation on this subject and we recall that certain newspapers, which waged an ignoble campaign against us, even went so far as to encourage the destruction of these archaeological relics.”

Page 49 Note 56
In Prof. Rolf Muller’s defense of Posnansky’s dating against uno Jose Imbelloni “Imbelloni was never in Tihuanacu.”

Page 54
“... Kalasasaya was something more important than a simple temple of the Sun; it was an almanac of carved stone... with which there were determined, in a mathematical manner, the different seasons and subdivisions of the year.  THESE CALCULATIONS WERE ONLY POSSIBLE BY MEANS OF A BUILDING LOCATED EXACTLY ON THE MERIDIAN AND THE LENGTH AND WIDTH OF WHICH CONFORMED TO THE MAXIMUM ANGLE OF SOLAR DECLINATION BETWEEN THE TWO SOLSTICES.”

Page 57
“Tihuanacu of the Third Period is a megalomaniacal work, like the Tower of Babel and, had it been completed, it would have possibly have surpassed everything that man has constructed on the earth.”

Maybe the legend of the Tower of Babel came from the Altiplano?

Page 63
“In the long space which separates us from the construction of the Second Period of Tihuanacu, which is presumed to be, as will be shown later, from ten to fourteen thousand years, there were, in our opinion, definite tectonic movements and alluvial accumulations which undoubtedly could have changed the topography of the plateau.”

Page 89
“We repeat once again that the calculations with regard to the age of Tihuanacu are based solely and exclusively on the difference in the obliquity of the ecliptic of the period in which that great temple was built and that which it has today.  The calculations based upon this figure indicate a rather old age in the light of our manner of thinking today in archaeological matters;...”

Page 90
“However, in any event, even leaving aside the calculation by astronomical methods, the age of Tihuanacu, a figure somewhere beyond ten thousand years (the age of the Second and Third Periods) will always be, on the basis of geology, paleontology, and anthropology, very great - no matter by which method or standard it is judged.”

Page 91
15,000 B. C. is Posnansky’s dating for the Second Period of building.

Page 95
“1. It is evident beyond a doubt that the inhabitants of Tihuanacu knew animals now extinct, which they reproduced faithfully by stylizing them upon their ceramics and other plastic works.  This fauna possibly disappeared at the end of the last period of glaciation on the Altiplano, as is shown by the alluvial strata.”

Page 118
“... a period in which the climate, for reasons which we are unable to discuss in detail in the present work, was warmer due to the lesser altitude above sea level and because the atmospheric precipitations were more frequent, regular and abundant than today.”

Page 149
“In our vanity and self-sufficiency we are accustomed to scorn of knowledge of the ancients in all fields... This is especially the case in their estimation of the pre-Hispanic Americans, in spite of the fact that the ancient Mexicans, as has been proven beyond any doubt, possessed rather profound knowledge of calendars and the observation of celestial phenomena.”

Page 165
“In Tihuanacu lived the highest potentates of a supreme theocratic caste, one might even say an esoteric community considered divine by the lower classes, which were composed of a formless mentally retarded mass, not allowed to think for themselves and obliged to work intensely under the direction and yoke of the rulers.  The ruling caste differed from the gods only in the they were mortal.”

This is a more in-depth study than Mr Hall presents about the antiquity of man on this hemisphere, and it completely is heresy to anyone believing that God created the world on October 4th, 4004 BC.  Wait, I forgot, Satan created all the stone depictions of long-extinct fauna across the Americas to deceive people away from knowing that the world was created 6,000 years ago!  (Sarcasm is just one of my many talents!)  Returning to Mr Hall’s work from which we just took a major detour, we will eventually discuss my decoding of the prophecy written in symbols upon our Great Seal.
Page 14
Quoting Lucien Biart on Quetzalcoatl: “He certainly belonged to a race other than the one he civilized; but what was his country?”  
Long, flowing beards on white men, Negroid features on the Olmec heads, toxodon and mastadons engraved on stone Temples; the question should be when was his country?

Page 15
Still Quoting Biart: “According to Shagun, the most usual ornaments of the images of Quetzalcoatl were a mitre spotted like the skin of a tiger, …”
The big cats of the Americas have a better chance of being spotted like a leopard, and what kind of tiger has spots?  However, if we take the spotted cat literally instead of argue what kind of cat has spots versus stripes, then we are tied back into Egypt, either as an antecedent, a descendant, or coexistent.

Page 19
“Lord Kingsborough favored the possibility that this wanderer was the Apostle Thomas, and that the ancient Central American Indians came under the Christian or Jewish influence.”
Not old enough for the original, but possibly re-civilizer, but even the Catholic Encyclopedia has Thomas wandering to India.  And this is the Judas Thomas Didymus that Mr Bushby claims was the twin of Jesus.

Quoting Lord Kingsborough: “‘The Messiah is shadowed in the Old Testament under many types; such as those of a lion, a lamb, a roe, the morning star (or the planet Venus, otherwise called Lucifer,) the sun, light, a rock, a stone, the branch, the vine, wine, bread, life, the way, ... ‘“

The Mormons would tell you that Jesus and Lucifer are twins, but we are not going there, now.

Page 27

“Pryse (James) suggests that the god Quetzalcoatl was known in Peru under the name of Amaru.  He writes: ‘From the latter name comes our word America.  Amaruca is, literally translated, ‘Land of the Plumed Serpent.’’”

Light Body, Rainbow Body, Kundalini, a Plumed Serpent, etc…

Page 30
“Medicine priests have freely acknowledged that in dreams and trances they could leave their bodies and travel to the abodes of the gods and the dead.”

Page 41
“Early drawings of the Great Seal of the United States indicate that the bird represented thereon was a phoenix rather than an eagle.”

Page 42
“The thunderbird and the feathered snake were symbolical of the mysteries of the upper and lower regions.  Priestly Orders served this twofold cult, the secrets of which were revealed only by an internal mystical experience.”

Page 45
“The Midewiwin, or Great Medicine Society of the Ojibways, initiated both men and women into the secrets of the art of healing and the control of the vital current coursing through the nerve centers of the human body.”

Page 46
“The cross was an important symbol in the Midewiwin Rites, and it is interesting that the Mides steadfastly refused to give up their religion and be converted to Christianity.”

Page 59
“Henry (VIII) had rebelled against the papacy, ousted its clergy, closed its monastic houses, confiscated its properties, and established the Church of England.”  
Henry VIII also had the first full English language Bible dedicated to him: 1535 Coverdale Bible.

“Later, when the moment was propitious, he threw the weight of his literary group with the English colonization plan for America in order to prevent Spanish domination of the New World.  The same political considerations apparently also induced him to develop Freemasonry as a further bulwark against the encroachments of the Spanish plot.”  
Should we read Catholic into Spanish?  An acknowledgment that Freemasonry is out to destroy the Church, so long as the Church is defined as Roman Catholicism makes complete sense in this view.  This can also account for part of the schism between the Anglican and Catholic Churches.  We have seen differences with what Jesus says about thine eye between the Bibles printed by both Henry VIII and then, fifty years later, the Vatican to correct any errors of faith.

Page 60
“The Pope had already claimed the three Americas for the Church, but the English colonizers were resolved to dispute this claim with every resource at their disposal.”

Page 61/2
“The Hog Money, ... The schilling of this issue bears on the obverse the legend ‘Sommer Islands,’ surrounding the figure of a wild boar ... The wild boar on this coinage carries the definite (62) impression of being a heraldic device.  It is identical in drawing with the crest of lord Bacon, even to the jaunty curl of its porcine tail.”

Page 62
“From the evidence of the coins themselves, it would seem that the Hog Money was a definite landmark, bearing witness to the operations of the Secret Society directing the early colonization program.”

Page 63
“The patrons of the Virginia Company included Lord Southampton and those two, that ‘incomparable paire,’ William, Earl of Pembroke, and Philip, Earl of Montgomery, to whom the first folio of Shakespeare was dedicated.”

Page 65
Citing Alexander Brown’s question: “‘May not Bacon have aided Shakespeare in compiling some of his plays? ... Bacon always had a fancy for such things.’  Dr. Brown also mentions the Bacon family in America, noting that Benjamin Harrison, the twenty-third President of the United States, was doubly descended from this family.”

Page 66
Quoting William Hepworth Dixon, “of the Inner Temple”: “‘Like men of far less note, who have received far higher honours in America, Bacon pays his money into the great Company, and takes office in its management as one of the Council.  To his other glories therefore must be added that of a Founder of New States ... ‘”

Dixon’s words continued: “‘They call the capital of their country (67) Raleigh.  The United States can also claim among their muster roll of Founders the no less noble name of Francis Bacon.  Will the day come, when, dropping such feeble names as Troy and Syracuse, the people of the Great Republic will give the august and immortal name of Bacon to one of their splendid cities.’”

Page 69
“The first edition of The History of the World (Sir Walter Raleigh) is embellished with numerous emblems and devices belonging to the Baconian group.  The title page has been a subject of controversy for centuries.  Ben Jonson, referring to Sir Walter Raliegh, told Drummond: ‘The best wits in England were employed in making his history.’
“Bacon became a member of the Virginia Company in 1609.  The charters of that year and of 1612, drafted by Sandys, were prepared for the King’s signature by Sir Henry Hobart and Sir Francis Bacon.”

Page 70
“One of the reasons why there is so much difficulty in tracing Bacon’s activities in connection with the plantation is that the records were destroyed by fire at Whitehall, in 1618.”
“This conflict (Liberal versus Imperialist schism in the Virginia Company of London according to Charles Mills Gayley) was the real source of the Revolution of 1775, which resulted in the complete independence of the American colonies.”
“He (Gayley) does, however, mention that Bacon, in his essay Of Plantation, which was not published until after the great Chancellor’s death, appeared to agree with the practical phase of the Liberals’ policy”
“In a speech given at Gray’s Inn Hall, an American, the Honorable James Beck, remarked that ... the germ of the Constitution (71) of the United States, were drawn up by Lord Bacon.”

Page 73
“After the Jamestown settlement gained some semblance of order and permanence, descendants of those men who formed the original Baconian Society left England and settled in the colony ... There were most fortuitous marriages between the families of the original custodians of the philosophical legacy.”
“The Reverend M. F. Carey, ... , writes: ‘We are furnished with no documentary evidence of the introduction of Freemasonry into the United States; but it appears that it had an existence there as early as the year 1606.’”  Freemasonry in All Ages.

Page 74
“Both of the Nathaniels have been referred to by historians as lord Bacon’s ‘kinsmen.’ ... “ this supplies enough material to demonstrate the natural and available channels for the transference of Lord Bacon’s projects and remains to Virginia.”

Page 75
“A feud approaching revolution resulted, which ended by Nathaniel Bacon and his followers burning the Jamestown settlement.  This episode is referred to historically as Bacon’s Rebellion, and it has been said that the occurrence played an important part in the formation of the american national consciousness.”

Page 76
“Old World theories became New World practices.  Reactionaries and progressives arrived together but found no substantial reconciliation.”
“It is certain, however, that between 1610 and 1660 a mass of material concerned with the development of the Great Plan for America was transferred from Europe to the Western Continent for preservation and future use.  It is shallow thinking to assume that the Secret Societies operating in Europe - the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians, and the Fellows of the Royal Society - had no representation among the colonies until the beginning of the 18th century.”

Page 77
“Reverend Edward Patterson, in his History of Rhode Island (page 101) refers to a masonic document found in America which says: ‘In the spring of 1658, ... fifteen families arrived at New Port (America), from  Holland.  They brought with them the first three degrees of Masonry, ... “

Page 80
“The principal emphasis was upon religious experience as the direct means of attaining Christian insight.”

Page 82
“Many of the immigrants brought with them all of their worldly goods, and we cannot assume that a man belonged to a Secret Society merely because one or two books dealing with the Society, and available to anyone, were found among his effects.”

Page 83
“Among the unusual religious that settled in Pennsylvania were the ... Most of these sects held convictions that could be interpreted as mystical.  In all probability, however, the Rosicrucian descent was established considerably earlier by the English colonials of Virginia.”

Page 84
Concerning an anonymous book The Life and Adventures of Common Sense (1769): “This book was the first to attribute the authorship of the Shakespeare plays to Sir Francis Bacon.”

Page 85
“Obviously, genius in this case represents Elias Ashmole, Esquire, who was the most distinguished antiquary of his time, a world-famous collector of coins, and an accumulator of fossils, shells, and other geological curiosa.  Wisdom, of course, was Bacon, who originated the entire project of the Royal Society.”
“‘Both liberty and property are precarious,’ writes Junius, ‘unless the possessors have sense and spirit enough to defend them.’”

Page 85/6
Roderick Eagle “wrote that the first person so far recorded to name Bacon as the author of the Shakespeare (86) plays was the Reverend James Wilmot, D. D. (1726-1808), ... “

Page 86
Wilmot’s niece wrote a biography and attributed The Letters of Junius to him.  “Eagle doubted that Dr. Wilmot was sufficiently close to the political situation of his time ... to have written the celebrated Letters, but suggested that he may have been a literary accomplice who transcribed the original to throw inquisitive persons, especially handwriting experts, into further confusion.”

Page 87
The Story of the Learned Pig, 1786, Eagle attributed it to Dr. Wilmot.
“In one of its incarnations, the hog claimed to have written the plays attributed to Shakespeare.”
“Freemasonry of the 18th century cannot be estimated in terms of the modern Order.”
Now that comment can be attributed a 33° Mason, Manly Palmer Hall, unlike any other quotes about Masonry we have read by Mr Hall.  I believe he was awarded the honorary degree in 1971 and this book was published in 1979.

Page 88
“ ... the Masons regarded themselves as the responsible custodians of a vast project dedicated by earlier adepts to the emancipation of humanity from ignorance and tyranny.”

Page 89
“It is extremely difficult to trace Franklin’s associations with Secret Societies, although such are known to have existed.  In his extensive Autobiography, there is not even mention of his membership in a Masonic Order, although he was active in the Fraternity, and published an edition of Anderson’s Constitutions.”
“He (Franklin) was present in the Lodge of the Nine Sisters during the elaborate memorial services for Voltaire.”

Page 94
“Lafayette is a direct link between the political societies of France and the young American government.”

Page 95
“Anderson’s Constitution of Freemasonry was published exactly one hundred years after the appearance of the great Shakespearean folio in 1623.”

Page 96
“Of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence, nearly fifty were Masons.  Only one is known with certainty not to have been a member of the Order.”

Page 97
“Of the fifty-five members of the Constitutional Convention, all but five were Masons.”
“For the eighteen years he filled office, Torquemada averaged ten thousand executions annually.”

Page 98
“The secret association of spies, fanatics, and informers which served the Inquisitional Court were agents of a determined effort to destroy the philosophers, scholars, and mystics who refused to be converted to the prevailing concept of salvation.”

Page 99
“The Masonic conviction of liberty, equality,and fraternity must have been attractive to progressive Catholics, for even priests associated themselves with the Lodges.”

Page 108
“The 19th-century intellectual became a freethinker, convinced that his own judgement was superior to that of the clergy.  The freethinker was neither an agnostic nor an atheist; he was a liberal, convinced that freedom included the privilege of questioning authority, both sacred and profane.”

Page 109
“The theory of freedom could be preserved by Secret Societies, but the practice of freedom required the cooperation of an enlightened people dedicated to a lofty ethical standard.”
“The real Esoteric Schools still labor toward the goal of the World Commonwealth.”
“Yet, the literature of modern metaphysical movements seldom emphasizes growth as responsibility.  The reader is encouraged to study mystical systems or to affiliate with organizations claiming extraordinary knowledge in the hope that he will acquire the skill to advance his own condition.  Where such objectives are used to intrigue the gullible, those of sincere mind and heart are entitled to reservations.”
“Education can be conferred by schools and universities, but enlightenment must still result from personal growth.”

Page 110
“The importance of invisible principles over visible purposes and ambitions was simply ignored.”
“The authority of science took the place left vacant by the departing authorities of aristocracy and theology.  It was still necessary for the human spirit to struggle against the intolerances of the human mind.”
“Siegfried had slain the dragon, but was in (111) grave danger of being drowned in the blood that flowed from the mortal wound.”

Page 111
Humanity “was faced with the unhappy realization that tyrannical systems are only symbols of those tyrannical instincts which exist in all creatures until they are over come by enlightened understanding.”
“All of sincere heart find consolation in the conviction that powers beyond and above human corruption continue to administer the destiny of the globe.”

Page 112
“Once Christianity had rejected paganism, it refused to recognize the Esoteric Orders of the pre-Christian world ... and sought relentlessly to exterminate them.”
“The spiritual mysteries of life belong to no one faith, race, or school.”
“In its effort to usurp this high destiny for itself, the Church obscured the very essentials of human progress and discouraged its followers from those noble and unselfish convictions which might long ago have supplied the incentives for a Universal Reformation of mankind.”

Page 113
“Actually, beyond the Church are the Mysteries, guarded by the shepherds of men.”
“The lack of the realization of high purpose contributes to the cultivation of less desirable motives and inclinations.”  
Materialistic thought is a self-fulfilling prophecy of degeneration from the divine: a lower frequency from that of god.

“The great universities and schools must fulfill the destiny which conceived them and sustained them through long and troublous times.  Humanity cannot be preserved by the three ‘R’s’, unless the universal truths locked within the forms of the arts and sciences are released.”
“Ignorance is the state of insufficient knowledge.  The concept is relative, but sufficient knowledge is that which is superior to whatever circumstances may prevail.  Superstition is addiction to that which is untrue.  The prevailing superstition is the acceptance of materialism, an acceptance which is indefensible and un- (114) demonstrable.”

Page 114
“In each generation, the adept-teacher must be out of sympathy with the prevailing abuses.  He must always oppose entrenched corruption and strive against what has been called the static of the masses.”
“Destiny and the Mysteries must win, for they are on the side of the Great Plan.”
“Those teachers are not only unselfish, they are also adequate for the ministry which is their chosen task.”
“In order, however, that (115) their work be accomplished it is not sufficient that they have the needed vision.  This vision must be communicated.  It must be extended throughout human society until humanity redeems itself by the experience of enlightenment ... When a sufficient number has attained this degree of true leadership, the imperishable democracy of the sages will become a fact in the mortal sphere.”


Page 115
“The Esoteric Orders have never accepted candidates without reasonable qualifications, nor have they been offered any inducements except the privilege to become unselfish, useful, and humble.”

Page 116
“Those aspiring to become initiate-teachers must discipline and improve their abilities before their candidacy can be considered.”
“Usually, the Schools selected their disciples, imposing upon them rules of discrimination and discretion, so that no matter of importance was entrusted to anyone still plagued by his own ambitions or likely to succumb to the worldly acclaim.”

Page 117
“Wisdom is not destined for the few.  Certainly, it must be given to a few, that through them it may be taught to the many.”
“No one religion, philosophy, sect or creed will ever be the sole custodian of the esoteric tradition.  Organizations pretending to provide the ‘only hope of salvation’ can be immediately discarded.”

Page 119
“It is recommended that the sincere truth seeker examine the various organizations which have risen in human society, and determine by their works rather that by their pretensions which ones are dedicated to the advancement of World Fraternity.”
“Once convinced of the reality of the Great Plan, the individual also receives a vision of realities which enable him to conduct his own affairs in harmony with the larger destiny.”
“The esoteric tradition, first embodied in its adepts and later incarnated in the whole body of humankind, brings the great kingdom of heaven to the earth.”

“Who shall deny that this vision of things possible to man is the noblest and most wonderful of human dreams?  And who shall deny that man has within itself the power to make his dreams come true?”

Thus concludes another excerpt of Chapter 13. Stay tuned for the 4th of July revealing of my interpretation of the Great Seal of the United States, in the exciting conclusion of Chapter 13!

Are you prepared for the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy?

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