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If you don't question everything, you will know nothing and believe anything!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another excerpt. This time from Chapter 11.

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There is no more time to tell how: the kaleidoscope of life had revolved and refracted its diffuse symmetry to this precise end.  Auroboros.  ∏.  Completing the circle.  A collapse back into oneself.  The intersection of parallel lines.  Birth is but a death; death is but a birth.  The harmony of the spheres.  The final note that completes one octave is the first note of the next.  The Wheel of Life.  There is no end, only beginning.  There is no being, only becoming.  The time was not yet ripe; the flower had just blossomed to its bittersweet fruit, awaiting, awaiting …  the season of what?  The summer rain of brilliant sunshine drenching the fruit in its lovingly radiant wisdom, encouraging the sweetening of the fruit’s meat to such a ripened state that its succulent nectar can partially quench a hidden thirst!  A droplet that, once tasted, becomes one’s obsession, an unquenchable thirst.  The Fountain of Youth!  Manna from Heaven!  Soma, coalescing and coagulating until a sustaining dew drips off the celestial dome to nourish the soul.  The Philosopher’s Stone transmuting the leaden base into the golden Elixir of Life.  The reawakening of destiny.

Now is the time of returning with our thought jewels polished gleaming.  The most worthy crusade may cost the ultimate price.  The polishing of your own thought jewels is life’s greatest call: your Holy Grail.  Once found and cleansed until bright enough to dissolve shadows, then, and only then can it be the time for returning, and this return is our most sacred pilgrimage.  Are you even aware of these jewels of the mind?  Are your thought jewels polished and gleaming?  Or, have they become tarnished by their surroundings?  Immersing into a healthy, cleansing bath will exude a radiant beauty, while even the Hope Diamond would look like shit if it were saturated in raw sewage!  Into what do you bathe your most prized possessions?  Is it something that adds to your soul’s luster by prompting to learning further the mysteries surrounding your own becoming, or is it a sewer tarnishing the very spark of the divine that has been imprisoned deep inside the crude, inadequate, physical incarnation you seek when you gaze into the mirror?  What is your cosmology?  What is your why?  Why is that your what?  How do you define your God?  How does your God define you?  When the objective has faded, leaving only the subjective, what, then, are your most prized possessions?
When I was a child, I played childish games; I have grown, as have my games.  Can you state the same?    Do you still take the time to play?  Now is the time past believing the child has relinquished the reign.  Has the childish ego that defines selfishness yielded its vanity to the altruistic benevolence of respect for all other incarnations of the same divine spark?  Have the awesome beliefs of your childhood been replaced with knowledge?  Relinquish childish beliefs when experience replaces a belief with gnosis.  Fear not when language fails to adequately express your epiphany: man’s communicative constructs cannot concisely convey cosmic clarity clearly.
Transcend and include: transcend the selfish ego, but retain the awe, wonder, innocence and amazement that exemplify the reflection of the divine spark in a child’s eyes.  What makes you think you are any better of an interpretation of the divine seeking expression over all other reflections?  Does your birthright make it so?  At your deepest core, are you any better than anyone else, or are we all equal in potential?  Does the happenstance of the locality of your entrance into this incarnation automatically preclude you to being a better specimen of humanity?  Does a line on a map define who is best?  We are all created with an equal part of divinity, and we all enter this world naked.  And although there have been rumors of those to escape its grasp, we all eventually die.  We all bleed red, and we all have the same potential!
“What potential?”  You might inquire.  The potential to become …  
Is the genius of one impossible for another?  Is the genius of one greater than the genius of another?  Which form of art is better, or is this the most ridiculous of questions?  Can a sculpture be better than a painting, and by whose definition?  Why are most art critics (which ever medium they ‘critique’) so critical of other’s contribution to the great experiment called culture?  How many art critics have created any art?  Are Rodin’s sculptures of The Thinker better than Dali’s The Disappearance of the Persistence of Memory?  One man’s trash has always been another man’s treasure, but we cannot place an objective interpretation to such a subjective realm as genius.
Standardized I.Q. tests place genius at above 160, but extremely high, but raw, intelligence does not make a genius.  It is the application of the divine potential to create, or become, that shall make the mark of true genius known.  The potential to grow in strength, to grow in knowledge, to grow in temperance and understanding, the potential to become kinetic.  
Genius is the kinetic state of human potential!  
Combining these elements properly is part of the recipe to achieve wisdom, and wisdom is applied genius.  The potential to see (and respect) the same spark of the divine emanating out of all others.  The potential to increase other’s potential, as they, in turn, increase your own in exponential kinetic growth of human potential.  The potential to encourage the divine genius from its dormant phase in your neighbor as they urge yours’ to blossom to its fullest potential of genius.

There is a reason the etymology for ‘genius’ is common with gene, generation (like creative generation, either generating the species or generating a masterpiece), general, genial, generous, etc.:  maybe we should think of it as Gene-I-Us.  Our genes make us unique individuals, as well as part of a whole.  Becoming the Gene-I-Us is our calling; reaching for perfection in all of life’s directions.  The odds are against the I reaching this truly transformative state alone.  The I needs the Us before our genes unfurl their true Gene-I-Us.  As the master called Jesus presented a new commandment - to love our neighbors as we would love ourselves, how many live as such?  Is this not the foundation stone of true morality?  Is not this the tao of karma?  The other new commandment from this master informed us to love the Lord with all our soul, mind and heart.  Realizing the same divine spark in your neighbor’s eyes is part of the process to unleash your genius, your Gene-I-Us and therein lies the key to the mystery.

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