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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Excerpt from Chapter 5

In the Judeo-Christian Genesis, on the Third Day of Creation, God created vegetation, all seed-bearing flowers and trees and the creator was pleased with the creation.  It is difficult to find any creation mythology where the Creator of the Universe curses any of the plants just created.  Having read many creation stories, none of the mythic creators have ever cursed, at any time, any of the flora.  Even in Genesis, God doesn’t curse the Trees of Knowledge and Good and Evil, but warns the only fauna ever cursed, man, from consuming their fruits. 

One of the attributes man has been cursed by his creator for is dishonesty and deception, including being thrown out of paradise for falling for a deception, but there was never any intent to curse the “lesser” kingdoms, for they were perfect in the eyes of their creator.  All the trees, flowers, vines, grasses, and fungi were pleasing to the Creator, but man had the free will to either get to know the Creator through the perfect tools that were created before man, or to be deceived by other men acting as interpreters for the divine.  

It seems as though the lie has won, proving John Delafield correct when he wrote “Mankind love to be deceived.”  How many millions of Americans still believe that cannabis is the ‘Devil’s Weed’?  How many of these poor, deceived fools go to church to be taught that their Creator was pleased with all his creation?  How much of their money have they volunteered into the coffers of these charlatans poisoning the minds of the masses with such drivel that the Divine Creator: of all the Heavens, the Earth, the land and the sea, flora and fauna, divinely fucked up when certain flora was created by creating said flora with specific chemical “keys” that would eventually be replicated inside the brain of the, soon to be created, man!  Chemical keys designed to aid in the human brain unlocking its mind and bring the human into close communion with his Creator.  Could there be a greater deception?  If the Divine Creator was pleased with all the flora, who is man to declare that God fucked up on certain plants and fungi?  

This was one of the biggest deceptions mankind had chosen to collectively believe, and it was this belief that was pushing mankind to the precipice of extinction.  He hoped and prayed it was not too late to return man to communing with the Creator: to break the spell cast over man’s mind about the keys to unlock the pinnacle of creation: the human brain.  The evil cult that had invested countless generations into enslaving mankind had successively demonized these keys in the minds of the masses for multiple generations, but they had to deceive mankind about these keys for their designs to come to fruition.  If the people were allowed to commune with the creator as they were created to do, they would never fall for these lies, but a brain that barely functions cannot critically analyze anything to discern the lies from the eternal truths.  So the keys to a functional mind were distorted so perversely by this evil cult’s agents through their tentacles of media, government, churches and schools that what should have been seen as the most holy of sacraments had been vilified to the point where the most basic evidences of a Divine Creator were criminalized.  The ancient keys of sacred communion were outlawed and the thought of recreational use overtook the ancient wisdom of sacramental use.  

August 1989’s OMNI magazine reported that neuro-scientists had discovered how cannabis works in the brain.  This discovery separated cannabis from other “drugs” in the simple fact that marijuana did not have any effect upon dopamine production like most other drugs.  It was discovered that THC was a key to open certain receptor sites spread throughout the physical brain: the brain was hardwired for pot!  This one fact should have caused a revolution in thought when it was revealed, but the “Just Say No” mentality was still corrupting another generation.  This one fact now made the difference between creationism and evolution irrelevant!  Natural law should have superseded the lie of man-made law.  If, as we have been taught, we only use a fraction of our brains, why do we continue to outlaw a key to using more of our God-given brains?  Either way you look at it, we were specifically and intentionally created with these THC receptor sites inside the brain, or homo sapiens spent an incalculable number of generations in close relationship with this one flower to evolve the brain to accept this foreign chemical with it’s own specific receptor site!  If this information were allowed to have the impact it should, it would result in an intensified vibration in the spiritual soul of mankind.  In the words of Miles Herkenham, THC receptor site scientist, as reported in the OMNI article: “What really struck me was the front brain loading.  It’s sort of a high brow receptor.  The binding sites are numerous compared with other neurotransmitter systems, which suggests they are receptors for an important, ubiquitous transmitter.”   You don’t need to be a scientist to prove the front brain loading of these receptor sites.  All you need to do is achieve a minor overdose level, not enough to put you to sleep for a couple of hours, but more than you could smoke.  The headache from this overdose, for that is all this overdose registers as - a headache, is in the forehead.  This is more of an overloading of receptor sites with THC than an overdose, and it just has to be ridden through the life of that high of a dosage, albeit it is not enjoyable.

But it is not solely cannabis that works to activate the “third” eye.  Too often the pineal gland is considered the third eye, but this is only a part of the story.  The complete story is about balancing the frequencies of the pineal gland with the pituitary body, opening up to the thalamus.  These three glands, when properly attuned, bring about the experience of the opening of the third eye.  It is extremely important to note that it is the female cannabis flowers that mainly produces THC.  This feminine power is associated with the forehead, as we have seen, and is also associated with the pituitary body.  Bringing this feminine floral energy into balance is the fact that this flower needs sunlight to thrive.  This balance is symbolic, but the sun is always associated with a masculine divinity, in this case the masculine energy feeds the feminine flower, to unlock specific receptor sites inside the human brain.  

The pineal gland is the masculine counterpart to the feminine pituitary body, and it produces, naturally, DMT.  DMT is chemically structured similar to LSD and the psilocybin in the sacred mushroom.  (See Dr. Rick Strassman’s DMT, The Spirit Molecule)  It is easiest to complete the analogy while describing the mushroom.  There is not a better gift from the Creator to exemplify the masculine as that of a growing mushroom; Is there anything else in the natural world that is as phallic in its growth as the mushroom?  There is even a strand of psilocybin called Penis Envy, and the harvesting of a “closed-cap” mushroom is the flushing of a phallus.  This masculine symbol, however, grows in darkness, or by the light of the moon, just as the pineal helps regulate sleep by knowing when it’s dark.  The moon has always been associated with a feminine divinity (i.e. Isis), thus bringing the same, but opposite, symbolic balance to the mushroom.  

The first step into ancient wisdom is to reject the folly of a modern concept: the thought of “recreational drugs”.  These divine representations of balance have their specific repositories in the Created brain, bringing the Created brain into a powerful, and life changing, balance, but they must be held sacred, first, in order to bring about communion with the Divine Creator.  This sacred world-view is another step in conscious evolution.  Only the profane, ignorant, masses would think of these as “drugs”, separate from the Divine tools of communion that they have been known to be since before “time” began.  

Alas, we cannot hold the profane at fault, they only think what they have been told to think.  Hopefully someday, they will begin to experience these substances as sacraments thereby pushing their own evolution to greater consciousness.  Once the sacredness of these Divine Sacraments is ingrained, then it is about tuning them into each other.  It is my belief that the feminine powers of cannabis should be the daily sacrament, and, when possible, a weekly sacrament of something to stimulate the pineal gland.  However, this is in an ideal world, and our world is far from ideal.  Could it be that this balance of DMT-like chemicals and marijuana and their respective glands be a proper interpretation of the Yin-Yang?

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