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If you don't question everything, you will know nothing and believe anything!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013



If you have ever felt like a caterpillar knowing it needs to desperately do something new to transmute into something greater than all it has known thus far, then I hope this work can help lead to a fusing together to create a new hive of future humanity: fumanity.  The time is long past due for the collectivization of all dissident philosophers and free thinkers, of the inventors and innovators, artists and scholars, heretics and their suppressed heresies.  Humanity stands upon a precipice: below us lies the endless pit of extinction, above us rises the double helix ladder spiraling forever towards the only logical eschatology: evolving into 'god'.  With luck, this blog will present a path taken by a caterpillar that knew it was destined to be a beautiful butterfly and has found the cocoon of transmutation for his species inside the skull of his species.  Although most caterpillars might look to the skies and see the fluttering of the butterfly's wings, how many caterpillars fear the flight and folly of the butterfly enough to deny and resist entering their own cocoons: their brains?

Caterpillars, to your cocoons!

We each must forge our own path to our cocoons.  My path has been tread by one, I march to the beat of my own drummers in my own reality, but I consider my life to be average.  Everybody's life has its ups and downs, and they usually cancel each other out enough that we all live average lives.  Life seems a pendulum: it still will spend and equal amount of 'time' on both sides of what its resting position would be.  The average amplitudes are measured by positive peaks of marriage and childbirth; offset by death or divorce and seeing your children suffer life's traumas and pinnacles.  We all have the ability to generate as much momentum driving the arcing swing of our pendulums as we play this lethal game called 'life'.  BE WARNED, though, the greater the positive peaks, the deeper the depths of misery must plunge to be the equal and opposite reaction to the actions of having uncountable 'best day of my life'.

Or so my mind rationalizes and justifies the sufferings I endure with humor as a defense mechanism.  My jokes are for my entertainment only; if you happen to find them humorous, too, then that is the icing on the cake.  I learned early on that I do not inspire lukewarm attitudes in others; some will love me, others will hate me.  Nor does there seem to be much I can do about the people that hate me.  Many times, I can see jealousy as the foundation of the hatred, but being jealous of things I cannot be held responsible.  Although I do not approach intelligence as a contest, I have had more than a few hate me because I was accessing and activating more of my potential.

The kinetic state of human potential is genius.

We all can't be geniuses at the same things, until we all become geniuses at everything.  Maybe it is just my rationalizing and justifying, but I truly do not believe I am 'better' than any of you - DNA strives for genius in all its coding.  I long to be average, but not by lowering my attributes and expressions to the level of today's status quo.  I hope this medium can help others find their own paths so we can all transmute and form a new hive, instead of the hive in which we were born.

Included in these pages you will discover most of my first publication available for free.  Whatever pathetic attempt at a 'plot' that ties everything together in "My First 100 Days" will be for purchase in both PDF format as well as (eventually) in a hard copy 9x11 magazine format.  It appears as though I will have to arrange it so most of the things I will post will have a page available with the links to my DRIVE on Google that will allow access to the files because I am only allowed 20 pages and that is just the free chapters of "My First 100 Days" and I have far more than that.  Bear with me as I build this  blog.  I will provide enough material before I actually try to publicize this blog that there should be more than ample information about me.  Some of the pages that will contain links to accessing my Google Drive will consist of: a page for all original lyrics written, a page for all the free chapters from "My First 100 Days" linked from my Drive, at least one page with links to my notes taken in rare book libraries (with possibly a page for each Manly P Hall and Timothy Leary) and pages with summarizing research.

I am old school enough that I rarely can communicate with the sound byte style of Twitter, but I have a concise epitaph that summarizes the core of my favorite reality: If you don't question everything, you will know nothing and believe anything!

With this brief introduction, I urge us all to

Please Use the Evolving Door!
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