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Friday, May 24, 2013

Pay Attention

"Surprisingly, Swami’s work has also turned up a correlation between conspiracy theorizing and strong support of democratic principles. But this isn’t quite so strange if you consider the context. Kathryn Olmsted, a historian at the University of California, Davis, says that conspiracy theories wouldn’t exist in a world in which real conspiracies don’t exist. And those conspiracies — Watergate or the Iran-contra Affair — often involve manipulating and circumventing the democratic process."

EVERY source (including your subconsciousness, in particular with confirmation bias) has its biases. If you don't know the biases of the NY Times, you haven't been paying close enough attention since Clinton signed the 1996 Telecommunications Act. If you've been paying close attention, you will recognize that the same group of "Republican" players had links to both the above mentioned Watergate (which, had Squeaky Fromme been successful with her attempt on the unelected President Ford, an even more unelected Nelson Rockefeller would have been president) and Iran-Contra AFFAIR (which would also truly include Whitewater, Mena, Arkansas, Vince Foster's death, etc ... of the "Democratic" players during Clinton's 8 years), and returned to being 'at bat' when the traitors in robes crowned W heir to his daddy's throne.

This article concerns the Boston Marathon Bombing. I don't know, nor do I really care if they were anything other than the official story, but I do know that the media focused upon that story that Monday instead of Obama repealing parts of the STOCK Act that were prohibiting insider trading on Capitol Hill. I believe 19 Muslims attacked the US on 9/11. I believe the 15 Saudis had moral justification because I remember Poppy Bush PROMISING the Saudi king that as soon as Kuwait was liberated, we would remove our troops installed during Desert Shield. Bill Clinton enforced his predecessor's LIE to a sovereign king about only needing TEMPORARY bases that should have been abandoned before Poppy Bush left office (instead of him pardoning his Iran Contra minions like Elliot Abrams, who returned as one of W's first appointments that didn't need Congressional approval); this presidential LIE was the #1 motive for those 15 Saudis, making Bill Clinton, and Poppy Bush 100% responsible for that Tuesday.

Additionally, it appears as though the 19 Muslims was the distraction du jour that allowed a "Godfather"esque ending of investigators, whistleblowers and mainframe files of every "Iran Contra" related scandal and white collar crimes. The same names keep repeating, unelected names. W's administration was the same Iran Contra conspiring bureaucrats as Raygun's and his father's, just as Obama seems to favor the "Democratic" Iran Contra players like Billary Clinton.
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