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Monday, May 6, 2013

Subtle Birthday Synchronicity

A connecting principle

Linked to the invisible
Almost imperceptible
Something inexpressible
Science insusceptible
Logic so inflexible
Causally connectible
Yet nothing is invincible

We have the free will to deny synchronicities when they arise, but that does not mean the free will ego choices of 'individuality' to deny them, or pre-cognitively deny the choice that would make the synchronicity arise (using the brain/mind to overrule the intuitive voice either emanating from the heart's nerve complex, or possibly the Solar Plexus concentration of nerves.  With my most recent almost imperceptible linking to the invisible via this connecting principle that remains something inexpressible with science susceptible to logic that remains inflexible of things causally connected, it was almost as great a birthday present as Warren Hayes warming up for the encore on May 4, 2009 with the surviving members of the Grateful Dead with "Happy Birthday" before playing "Imagine" as the first of a two song encore.  (You can read that whole story on my post from May 4, 2013.)

Once I get to where I can be selling copies of "My First 100 Days" and a hard copy of "The Evolving Door: Issue ∞," reader's that have retained interest to reach the conclusion of the very limited 'plot' I used to tie in all the disparate data presented for free with the links from a page on this blog will recognize that although I didn't think about it being one of those rare May 4th Kentucky Derby days.  Those are the only years that I bother to look at the horse's names to try and pick the most appropriate one to represent me.

I forgot to even check the entries this year, but if you eventually pay to gain access (I'm getting there, patience is not a fun lesson to learn, at least I wouldn't wish my lesson in patience on anyone) to what was the "Futuristic Novelty" part of "My First 100 Days: An Autobiographical Manifesto of Futuristic Novelty" and the climax of my excuse for a plot, you might get a glimmering of how I was entertained by the cosmos helping verify, through a subtle synchronicity, the winning of the Kentucky Derby by an Orb.  For it was, in essence, an orb that was to "win" my fictionally futuristic vision of turning old enough to be either the question to the ultimate answer of Life, the Universe and Everything being 42, or just being another answer of 42.  Too bad hearing who won the derby was the highlight, this year, but if you read enough of me to desire the part of the story I have to try to earn some form of income with, you should know why I smiled and gave a quick chuckle at the love the universe showed me for a birthday I spent mainly morose and melancholy.

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