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Monday, May 6, 2013

State of Society Address

Timothy P Carney, the author of the article above, "The Case Against Cronies", clearly sees the tip of the iceberg.  Still, he doesn't quite see the big picture.  He remains far closer to the mark than most that bother to try, yet there are still dots that he has not connected.
"Milton Friedman famously said, "The social responsibility of business is to increase its profits."
 My undergraduate degree was from a top five ranked business school (at the time, most recently ranked 13th overall undergraduate business school).  To call it a 'school' seems to be a mockery of the spirit of 'education' because it was a pure corporate indoctrination center twenty years ago.  I was, quite literally, taught in class how to commit every corporate scandal we have seen in the past two decades.  I knew the actual tricks used to 'cook the books' of the likes of Enron, et al, and I was deliberately instructed how to get a huge bonus as an executive if I knew the business was going to fail, just like the bonuses coming from the TARP bailouts.  For all we know, those legally binding bonus clauses stated: "If we can influence a governmental bailout to keep us from failing, I get 2% of the bailout as a personal bonus" and that was why they had to be paid and it was completely legal!

"Just because a company profits from a policy doesn't make it "crony capitalism." But when lawmakers go along with lobbyists' requests, they are often subordinating the public interest to private interests -- or at least showing more concern about the fate of the well-connected than the fate of the masses."
This is where Mr Carney reports the tip of the iceberg and gets a close idea of what remains lurking underwater.  His use of "crony" seems the most precise term for how the private agendas of a few have usurped the best interests of 50 individual, sovereign states, as well a s the corrupted federal government (and the rest of the world), but since he has yet to completely question everything he has been conditioned to accept, plus he is writing to an audience that can barely tolerate hearing about even the tip of the iceberg as he is reporting it: the libertarian and Tea Party types (not all true libertarians are Tea Party type libertarians, nor Randroids/fans of Ayn Rand).  Cronyism is the name of the game, but to whom does the game being played serve and profit?  Does it serve the vague term of 'capitalists'?  Or does it actually serve a specific, extreme minority, segment of the population?

Even in that top-ranked business school, to my skepticism that saw through the programming like a chain-saw through butter, I was saying at 20 years old that the USA was no longer of, by and for the people, but instead had become of, by and for the corporate 'persons' that have the profits to pay the lobbyists to buy, or blackmail the politicians and bureaucrats.  We were also taught in that corporate indoctrination institute that there are many people whose only job is to sit on multiple boards of directors.  Members of the board are voted on by shareholders, and only can shareholders can nominate someone for the board.  The more shares you own, the more votes you have.  If 10 candidates are running for 4 seats, and you nominated 6 of them and by your vote alone can be assured that at least three of the four seats will go to one of your cronies you nominated, you get to shape corporate policy to further the interests of those that placed you in said seat of power.

(Sorry for the Wikipedia Link, but it had the shortest, non-academic article on the topic of "Interlocking Boards".)

Here is how the world really works: an amazingly minute number of families, of dynastic wealth, inherited for generations and intermarried with the other families of dynastic wealth - the capstone of the upper class's peer hierarchy, possess controlling stocks in every public corporation that can further their agendas, as well as the private corporations like the Federal Reserve Bank, etc...  Through the percentage of stocks they own in each corporation, they can, not only introduce a crony into the running for a seat on a corporate board, they can pretty well insure their cronies get placed upon every corporate board these few families own controlling interests.  For those of you that do not know, corporate executives are appointed by the corporation's board of directors to carry out the desires of the board, as agents for the shareholders that elected them.  Since the corporate influence with lobbyists (all think tanks, trusts, charities, foundations, lobbying groups are registered nonprofit corporations - do not, for one moment, think I am only discussing the for profit, publicly traded corporations, in their corporate umbrella exists, or at least exists as another branch of the same minute fraction of inherited dynastic wealth, the entire lobby and policy/cultural shaping apparatus!  

No bureaucracy exists that remains immune from the potential of becoming corrupted from its original intent and purpose; the larger and more centralized a bureaucracy becomes, the greater the likelihood that a corruption of cronyism will become the rule instead of the exception, or becoming kinetic instead of remaining dormant potential.  The entire US culture, government, and economy defines behemoth centralized bureaucracy.  This was the true vision of Lincoln and why he waged a war of aggression to impose a centralized bureaucratic state, at gun point, over those sovereign states that wanted to final citizen check and balance over government: a decentralized, limited bureaucracy of a confederation.  (Bet, I just got my first offensive statement in many that have yet to truly understand that I mean everything in my epitaph: If you don't question everything, you will know nothing and believe anything.)

Controlling Shareholders = A Plutocracy

Corporate Boards = Cronies of the Plutocrats

Corporate Executives = Minions below Cronies

The true essence of the "Matrix" that dominates mainstream media and culture (as shaped over the past century through new mediums of radio, then television, and finally the internet), the true owners and operators of this "Matrix" that uses the rest of us as batteries, has been the merging of dynastic wealth, their for profit corporations, their nonprofit organizations that buy influence among the governmental bureaucrats and elected officials, and having placed their cronies or agents willing to do anything to keep certain information from being made public (the ones blackmailed by the plutocracy).  The time I had spent in 2007 in my back brace in libraries questioning everything I had ever been conditioned/taught to accept as factual, I unraveled a multi-generational plan.  Unfortunately, everything I have witnessed as major events since have only provided more data to confirm my deductions, and I wish I were wrong instead.

A major long-term agenda of the crony plutocracy (that should be a far more precise term than 'crony capitalism' - the cronies are of the dynastic families of inherited wealth like the Warburgs, Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Morgans, et al), was, first the creation of two opposing politico-economic ideologies as true nation states: communism and fascism.  If we were to use a coin for the analogy, communism would be the heads of a coin that had socialism as its tails side.  Mussolini would be the first, and greatest expert for credibility, that would tell us that fascism would be the heads of a coin that would have corporatism as its tails.  In 1922, Mussolini declared Italy a Corporate State and said many times, in many ways, thoughts such as "Fascism is the perfect marriage between government and corporations."

Of course, bureaucratic communism began with the success of the Bolshevik Revolution establishing the centralized bureaucracy of the USSR.  This was a complete abomination to the very notion of communism that antedated Marx and Engels, like Onieda in upstate New York (that Oneida flatware, etc. remains as a monument to how that commune tried to survive economically), or Harmonie, Indiana that was given at least two major efforts to establish a communal existence, or the great writers such as Sir Francis Bacon's "New Atlantis" and Thomas Campanella's "City of the Sun".  The Soviet Union was not any ideal communist communal existence, it was purely a behemoth centralized bureaucracy.  That was why its bureaucracy was rampant with corruption, just like the centralized bureaucracies of both Corporate America and our behemoth centralized bureaucracy we call a federal government.  Corrupt bureaucracies may rise and fall, but no one has effectively ended the ruling over the world by a plutocracy that probably numbers about 50,000 of the wealthiest dynastic families, including cronies and minions, the numbers are probably closer to 250,000 people.  Too bad they have an army of about 7 billion pawns that still willingly play every system or game designed by the plutocracy to distract, divide or dumb us down to remaining impotent serfs too terrified to rise up in opposition in numbers they couldn't stop.

Anyways, the crony plutocracy's agenda for the 20th Century was to not only create both fascist and communist states to vilify and demonize in the West as enemies, only to later destroy the 'heads' of these coins when they no longer served their purposes in that form, but to ultimately merge the tails sides together in an even more perfect marriage than Il Duce proclaimed in 1922.  I had deduced this by 2007, so it was only to support my deductions when, in 2008, the largest amount of socialistic spending by the US federal government began: we began proving socialism to our corporations!!!  The TARP bailout was the pinnacle moment to a plan begun long before anyone reading this was born, or, most likely, there parents were not even born yet when this agenda was set into motion.

There are two very real conspiracies in the world: the families that have been passing on true wealth for countless generations conspire with other dynastic families they have been intermarrying among for generations to keep their fortunes, as well as to increase their fortunes and control over the masses.  These are the families that play chess on the Earth with real armies: their ancestors owned the original chess boards that created the debts building war machines create that have to eventually go to battle to acquire the other's assets to pay off the debt owed to the bankers owning the chess board of life.  So, not every time something happens does it mean there was collusion between these families, they still remain highly competitive, but to deny that the few intermarried families that have had a disproportionate share of wealth for centuries would be to actively conspire in the other.  The old men in the Eddie Murphy/Dan Aykroyd classic "Trading Places" personify how even the conspiracies to compete against each other in their human chess matches are still the dynastic wealth against 7 billion.

We need to create some entirely new games, cultures and communities where the influences of centralized large bureaucracies has been minimized and what is best for that community are the interests pursued by said community, and not the interests of a relatively few families of dynastic wealth in some far off gated compound.  The break down of "community" has played a major role in the systems established that created the second of the world's conspiracies.  Exposing this exponentially larger conspiracy that conspires to the detriment and impediment of humanity reaching our potential, will play as much a role in The Evolving Door, as the agendas (competitive and cooperative) of the plutocracy.  I'm a dreamer, that dreams in utopian color, but the largest conspiracy must be exposed and defeated at all costs, if we ever hope to cease the conspiring of the plutocrats and their pawns, minions and cronies against the rest of humanity.  This second conspiracy is the Conspiracy of Stupidity!  The people that remain incapable of recognizing that these few families, that inherited far more than Paris Hilton, have essentially used the corporate meme to secure themselves in control of the reigns of true power by having their minions and cronies permeate both corporate and governmental bureaucracies long enough to have a functional crony plutocracy that will remain in power forever so long as the Conspiracy of Stupidity remains the most successful conspiracy of all time.

I do not just whine and bitch, though.  I have a plan, a different vision for a future than can happen still within my lifetime.  Those plans will be disseminated via this blog, and any other mirror sites I will need, as well as any commodity I can envision to sell.  A store will be coming soon, once I get around to getting set up to sell t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc...  Just because my idea for a brand new concept in retail, that might become the concept of retail within a century, and would definitely illuminate into the shadows of ignorance where stupidity conspires, does not mean it would ever survive in today's economy.

Please Use the Evolving Door
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