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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Manly P Hall.

One thing the late conspiraciologist, William Cooper, said that I would agree 100% is to read everything by Manly P Hall you can.  I consider myself fortunate to have spent some time in his library that he used to create the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles.  Below, you will find some  links to my Google Drive where you can access my notes from several of his books.  

Many of his lectures were recorded and you can find many hours of Mr Hall lecturing on youtube if you search his name.  Manly Hall appears to have been sanctioned by some esoteric order to prolifically write to preserve information for posterity before the next world war was to radically suppress and control information that would be required for the masses to liberate themselves from the crony plutocracy's full-spectrum information control.

There is a full chapter from the above book online: "The Ventricles and the Brain Dew", you can also find an article from Gary Osborn here: "The Gate of God".  For those of you that prefer my own words, you will find me addressing the topic in Chapter 11 of "My First 100 Days".

To get my take on the "Secret Destiny" of the United States, please see Chapter 13 of "My First 100 Days".
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