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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

An Ode to a Code

The Cult of NADNAR
William "Wilbur" Dewey Loudermilk

NADNAR is moving from 
Green to Blue
NADNAR is living in both me and you
Though mixed up presently, 
NADNAR is always true

NADNAR spins from pole to pole
Creating all to play their role
Interaction is just a game, part of NADNAR’s goal

With experience, wisdom is gained
Spend more time deep inside your brain
The greater the lesson the greater the pain

NADNAR creates the limits of infinity
NADNAR made the trees to breathe
the opposite molecules than you and me

All was made through NADNAR’s name
All is playing out NADNAR’s game
Once you hear NADNAR, 
life is not the same

From the string, theoretical, 
invisible to the observable eye
NADNAR’s ego is greatest 
in a child’s cry
NADNAR’s direction has always been to return to the sky
NADNAR wants to change 
out the inactive ‘junk’
For what lies dormant is really the funk
NADNAR’s wisdom never can be sunk

Because NADNAR designed 
the cetacean blow-hole
As NADNAR designed 
Yeast, fungus and mole
NADNAR predicted we would create 
the tools needed to dig a hole

NADNAR created both female and male
NADNAR chose who got a tail
And big or small, snail or whale
NADNAR has the patience of eternity
NADNAR’s power fills the sea
NADNAR made the human’s 
eyes number three

But one is deep inside your head
Releasing chemicals to aid the freshly dead
Of which very little is said

NADNAR forces the dead to climb
From the darkness into the light 
of love’s infinite time
From their physical brains into their mind

To upload all that was seen and felt
Into to void of love and wisdom 
we all shall melt
Until it is time for NADNAR’s next hand to be dealt.

Downloaded again through the birth canal
Maybe this time you won’t even be an animal
Maybe your lesson will be asexual

Maybe this time, with NADNAR’s nod
You’ll be an amoeba with a pseudopod
Or finally a human who really knows God

From being the cell only knowing to divide
To finding out where the divine reside
Makes the brave march on while the weak hide

Oh, NADNAR bless us all with your grace
Teach us to understand our place
What it means to have a human face

NADNAR, NADNAR, open the channel
The twinkle of an eye, the glow of a candle
The frequency for inter-dimensional travel

NADNAR emits the answer but we must be blind
To unravel it you must learn to use your mind
And realize finally you must be kind
For all is just a reflection of the divine
For NADNAR is no lie, but only truth
NADNAR speaks with the bluntness of youth
NADNAR sees life as a carnival booth
In NADNAR’s name lies the key of communication
Why NADNAR’s plan belongs to no one nation
NADNAR is the muse of inspiration
For what NADNAR doth hate
Is the suppression of those who create
By those who want to control and dominate

So NADNAR, NADNAR we beg of you
To return us all to the primordial soup
Unravel your mystery for all to see
The relationships of all life to be
The communication between your pairs
Without which life could not bear
Unscramble these letters to find
The formula for all life entwined
From the roofs let us shout so far
Our NFN8 love for NADNAR
And recognize NADNAR this day
As both our R and DNA 

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