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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

World of Regret
William Dewey Loudermilk

Welcome to the world of regret choices of today you can never forget
some of the decisions you’re about to make will show themselves to be a mistake
so weigh each option carefully because hindsight is twenty-twenty

So look through the lies to see what is true and make the best decision for you
But to play in the stars you must ride the light I know it’s not an easy life 
when your dreams escape out of sight

So welcome to the world of regret the choice for your future you have met
But you’re willing to piss it away because you dreams of tomorrow are clouded by today
Your life might be full of misery open your eyes and see

So listen, girl, because some of us know you better plan your harvest before you sow
the world is but an oyster and I’m the only pearl you could have had it all someday
but you’re still but a little girl

Regret is such an ugly place add to it your face

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