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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wit’s End 
William Dewey Loudermilk

A foreign sound comes through the woods the thrill of laughter is quite good
and i wish that it would strike me soon instead of raving under the moon
the foreign sound is quite clear releasing me from my fear
I want it to come to me because I know it can set me free
but i don’t want to wait there is no time to hate

i am at wit’s end and i don’t know where to begin
once the ice is melt then the pain is felt
i am standing at a junction and must go my own direction
outcast i have become turn from the darkness and run

now i’ve learned the foreign tongue my heart feels the sonne’s warmth
i can make it another day because I have chosen a different way
all your material items will rust and decay therefore i choose a spiritual way
all that I really desire is a beach, a board, a babe, a bud and a lighter
because i want to live my life with a permanent smile

I was at a fork in the road perpetual youth or grow old
so i’ve chosen to stay stoked my spirit cannot be broke
I was standing at a junction and i chose my own direction
i chose to run and now i call the earth my home

i was stoked to move back to where i could surf 
so i was riding my bike to the gym to go for a swim
but then from out of nowhere my life took a turn
an old woman never saw me and broke my back instead

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