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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Whatcha Gonna Do (Part Two)
William Dewey Loudermilk

Whatcha gonna do if you learn the truth about man’s past?  The oldest, most accurate calendar says this age won’t last!
The Americas were civilized before the Andes were made, as much fun as sex is there’s more than just getting laid!

Now whatcha gonna if the Egyptians were right?  That one-eighth of your body was composed of light!
Creative God can it be all just a lie, or does marijuana as a sacrament help open the third eye?

Whatcha gonna if Jesus was right?  That if thine eye is single the body fills with light!
Modern Bibles misquote the Lord in Matthew 6:22, by making eye plural the truth is obscured!

‘Whatcha gonna do about your own pineal gland, the seat of your soul, the third eye of the evolved man?
Can you open it wide and radiate your love, for all the co-created, on Earth as above?

Whatcha gonna do about your chakra system?  Can you move to your heart from the base ones you’re stuck in?
Because the Heart of Heaven and the Heart of Earth are connected by a green light until sounds vibrates it blue.

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