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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

War Is a Racket

War Is a Racket
William Dewey Loudermilk
Denotes parts taken from ** Marine Corps General Smedley Butler’s 1935 book with the same title as this song.*

The soldier stands on red alert waiting for the dodger’s call
when it’s made he’ll board that plane and fly halfway around the world
as he enters into that zone his family won’t sleep well at home
scared to answer the knock of the door for fear their boy is no more
every night you know they’ll pray to hold their son again someday
in the flesh not a name on a wall they want they son to come back whole
remembering when war was a game 
but that was the backyard and this ain’t the same
Back then the battle was done when mothers called for their sons
now the guns are made of steel the bullets fly and the bullets kill

Our war machine can make so much before the generals have to strut our stuff
to prove to world we’ve got the upper-hand by how many ways can we kill a man
*What does it profit the masses? 
What does it profit the men who are killed?
What does it profit the men who are maimed?  
What does it profit their mothers and sisters
their wives and their sweethearts? 
What does it profit the children?  
What does it profit except for the very few to whom war means huge profits?
Yes, and what does it profit the nation?*
This is why war is a racket

Years ago before man when dinosaurs ruled the land
they couldn’t stop what was their fate, can we save ourselves with our hate?

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