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If you don't question everything, you will know nothing and believe anything!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

William Dewey Loudermilk

Alone he stands in the middle of the sand  slipping through Father Time’s open fingers
forever unanswered his question still lingers

As he fights off years of erosion he is waiting for the next mental explosion
wondering when will come the day the next brave one will stand and say
“I’ve seen enough to solve the puzzle”, but fearing the future I wear my muzzle
Oedipus had his lucky guess, he answered enough to pass the test
but he failed to explain, just when was the rain?

Across many, many frozen miles, is that his long lost brother’s red smile
with the Observer throw off course are omnipotent powers showing no remorse
Through the lens I see a blur, reflecting back a plant’s the cure
Oedipus had his lucky guess, but can mankind pass the test?

Is it all as it appears, are we the secret of our fear?
With our intelligence will we reach the end? Is our technology  really our friend?
or do the answers lie within
Now if I’m blind then why can I see?  It all makes too much sense to me
a thought is all I have to boast, but it’s uncertainty scares me most

I know! I know! I know the answer!  Four, two, three it’s easy to see
the answer is man, but we must understand that our hatred is held too close at hand
it started with the fruit and was complicated by loot
cast out of Eden by woman’s treason and the Savior gave in to our desire to sin 
when he changed the water to wine then he sealed our fate in time
If we want to survive, we must forget how to lie 
and give trust to the power, the beauty of the flower

Ancient architects had a plan but what is the future of man
Can we build monuments that last? like they did in our forgotten past
and just what did they know, was it a white powder of gold 
or did crystal help them construct all the world’s monuments?

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