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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

she cries (Kary’s Song)
william dewey loudermilk

she cries revolution because she wants her freedom
the right for a choice unite now for a loud voice
loud enough to be heard if we scream loud enough we can change the world
I know that she is right join together for the upcoming fight

The change should be peaceful, no blood should spill
but who knows the future when hatred has control
with one heart we can show that love is the way
but urgency is upon us we must start today

She cries revolution and I know it’s the only solution
if you want the freedom to chose united we stand or we’re destined to lose
so fight for pot, fight for peace and fight to be free
but why should we have to fight to defend our liberty

The change should be peaceful no blood should spill
but who knows the future when greed has control
with one mind we can teach that pot leads to peace
with our vote we can topple and return power to the people

She cries revolution against the waste of our consumption
reduce, reuse, recycle can you give up your car for a bicycle?
live a life of love and respect before we have no home left
let us focus on the future before the end is here

of all the species we have the distinction 
we can change how we live or create our own extinction
waste not want not kary always says 
we have the choice evolution or death

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