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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Reclaim the Rainbow
William Dewey Loudermilk

The tunnel’s dark but there is a light
keep on running it’s fight or flight
the enemy is nipping at my heels
all too clear now the danger is real
don’t stop to rest or look around
the darkness will knock you down
everything is growing dim
who committed the mortal sin?
Stop and turn and make your attack
before it all fades to black

Deep down inside your soul
is a candle can you feel it glow?
Kindle it with your mind
radiate it, make it shine
of this light become the master
because it is what the enemy is after
don’t let this light grow dim
forgive yourself for your sins
cause once it’s out there’s no going back
don’t let your soul fade to black

Don’t fade to black but burst to white
feed that candle for your life
let your light turn to red
but don’t keep it there or you’ll be dead
raise your red up into orange
and begin to feel your heart’s warmth
lay back, relax, and be real mellow
as that orange becomes yellow
but these are just the first steps of our goal

Reflect that yellow off your sea of green
radiate your heart to all living things
for when that love is finally true
sound will vibrate your green to blue
and blue will turn to indigo
when comes a purity of thought
but violet is not the final stop
just the last color of this octave
join me for this our common goal

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