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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Make Your Dreams Come True
William Dewey Loudermilk

There are times when you must go alone and times when I can follow
One thing I have to say is don’t put your dreams off until tomorrow
For tomorrow may never come and yesterday is gone
So live your dreams out today under the shining sun
Our dreams are one of the few things that we can truly own
You can always take your dreams with you when you pass on

So dream big, dream beautiful
Dream of a life of time well spent, dream to your heart’s content
Dream of tomorrow but cherish today live it and love it come what may
Dream of the world in all of its grandeur, Dream of a world where Love is the master
But beware to lose you dream is like being put to pasture
So chase your dreams like a rainbow and you’ll find more than a pot of gold
Chase your dreams when they are new, chase your dreams until they are through
But only by the chase can you make your dreams come true

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